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I’m a drug addict: These are my chains.Apr 23rd

addicted to vicodin

I’m a drug addict. She sat there wailing, weeping as if someone had died. My first instinct was to rush to her and ask how I could help. But then I remembered where I was. Slowly, I took her in: around 45 years old, saggy skin, greased back hair, acrylic nails and flashy jewelry. Track […]

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Eating My Words: When Dieting is WrongMar 08th

Eating my words

All of my pants have shrunk. It must be this new detergent I’m using. Or maybe the dryer is extra hot these days. Also, my scale is broken. It’s like, five years old, so you know–this day was bound to come. The kids use it as a stool sometimes when they need to be 1/2 […]

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A Cold DecemberSep 01st

As some of ye old faithful know, I often participate in Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop. She has great prompts that get me thinking–and that help me try on things I might not have the guts (or inspiration) to write. Today, I’m sharing something different. I’m meshing two of the prompts to […]

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RA And Foot SurgeryJul 13th

The Eye of Sauron is upon me. He who must not b named has cursed me. I’m on the Dark Side. Ding dong the Wicked Witch is not dead. Dang it. I ran out of villains. I think I’m digging the Eye, or “He who must not be named”? What do you think? Oh, wait, […]

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A Mother’s PrayerFeb 22nd


Today Chauceman and I got up a little earlier than we normally do because someone had a little volcanic eruption in their diaper. And I’m not talking about Matt. *snicker snicker* Twenty wipes later, and a wardrobe change for both of us—we just decided to get up. Or rather, Chauce decided. We each had our […]

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Confession: Tarzan Makes Me CryNov 09th

Call me lame. Call me hormonal. Call me weepywomanwillow for all I care, because that is apparently what I have become. I don’t know if its the fact that I haven’t seen the sun in four days (read: pottytraining) or if its related to postpartum hormone letdown, or if this is just what it means […]

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