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I Tried the Paleo DietApr 03rd

I tried the Paleo Diet

Alright. There’s something that needs to be said. I never spoke of it because for one, I quit. And secondly, I got pregnant and it seemed pointless. How cryptic is that, right? I tried the Paleo diet. For two weeks. That’s right. Paleo. Two weeks. I could easily say that I “failed” at it, but […]

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The Bachelor, by Jane AustenMar 11th

jane austen bachelor

Thank you to everyone who read yesterday’s post! I appreciate your patience and grace with me in this horrible, wonderful process called life. I was encouraged and inspired by the feedback. Now, time for something a little more lighthearted 🙂 I was in college when The Bachelor first premiered. I don’t think I ever gave […]

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7 Ways To Eat Your PlacentaJan 30th

eating the placenta

I’ve had a girl and I’ve had a boy. I’ve experienced both medicated and unmedicated births. I’ve nursed and I’ve formula-fed. Yes, I daresay there are few things  left to be enlightened about in the realm of child birthing. However, there is one thing I have yet to do. I’ve never eaten my own placenta. […]

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The Third WheelJan 27th

Third wheel

When people ask me about my kids, I tell them I have a girl and a boy. “Oh, perfect! One of each!” They always look a little alarmed when I tell them I’m expecting another. Why would I need another? I have my girl, and I have my boy. I just shrug and tell them […]

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Men BreastfeedingJan 22nd

man breastfeeding

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Men breastfeeding…What if men could breastfeed? Hold on, any freaks who got here googling “Men Breastfeeding” in hopes of finding some perverted venue for *cough* men to have a go at nursing, well, buzz off. Yes, I’ve seen your creepy Craigslist ads. Your “primal” desire to get back to the […]

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Things Grandmas SayJan 14th

things grandmas say

I know that the time for holiday recap is over and done with, but if you’re like me you’re still recovering from the excess of food, festivities, and family. Don’t get me wrong–we had a lovely time with family. I’m incredibly fortunate to have a mother-in-law who is my friend, rather than foe. As in, […]

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A Time I Was TrickedOct 31st

halloween trick

Happy Halloween! My kids have worn their costumes all week and I know today shan’t be the last! Here’s hoping we get lots of mom-approved candy tonight. By mom-approved I mean real chocolate. In honor of this special day I thought I would tell you about a time I was truly tricked. And it wasn’t […]

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How To Heat Up Your RomanceAug 06th

How to heat your romance

Guys, I don’t mean to brag, but I’ve landed a good one. A good guy, that is. This man caught me at a young age. He had me ready to marry him at 18, but fortunately our parents made us wait until I was 21. But even if I would have married him at 18, […]

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How To Clear A Hot Tub In Five Easy StepsJul 31st

So we kind of upgraded our lifestyle when we moved from NorCal to SoCal. Not because SoCal is better or anything. It’s our apartment that’s “better.” Ah, amenities. 1.) Dishwasher. Full-sized. 2.) Garbage disposal. 3.) Washer/Dryer. In. The. Apartment. 4.) Pool. 5.) Gym. 6.) Vending machine. 7.) Deliverable groceries. 8.) Carpet. 9.) Central A.C. 10.) […]

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Ah, Sweet RevengeJul 29th

are you jelly

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Jelly Beans but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #JellysAreBack” Sweet Revenge She had it all. The swing-set, the princess clothes, the bike with a matching helmet. I was the middle child in six. Situated at the […]

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Would You Rather: Pregnancy EditionMay 15th

Would You Rather Pregnancy Pin

Well, yesterday was serious and I promised you some funny to balance it out. {If you want to know why so serious you can catch up here and here.} I will have you know that I was up until 1 AM working on what could have been a VERY FUNNY video were it not for […]

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Ten Things That Make Me BlushApr 18th

Makes me blush

Folks that know me in real life think of me as pretty up-front. I suppose I’m upfront on this here blog as well. But there are things I don’t share {oooh, what are they?? What could she possibly mean?} Yes, I have secrets. Things I keep in the inner-most circle of trust as Jack from […]

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Answers to the important questionsApr 10th

what we really want to see

We are heading into spring in my little neck of the woods. And may I say how absolutely thrilling it is to see everything bursting with new life–from tree blossoms to baby ducks–wow. I half expect to see Bambi and Thumper sprint across the parking lot.  Spring puts me in the mind for cleaning, painting […]

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A Game For Moms: Would You RatherMar 20th

would you rather prompt

For the past two weeks I’ve suffered from this strange ringing in my ear. When asked to describe it to the doctor I said it was more wailing and gnashing of teeth than actual ringing, but that wasn’t on Web M.D.’s code of symptoms, so I kept that to myself. Both the doc and I […]

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Five Horrible Haircuts For Little BoysJan 22nd

ugly boy haircuts

I’m a sucker for little boys with long-ish hair. Not like ponytail long, but surfer-boy long. Know what I’m saying?   But then, Coco got her hair cut and I sort of felt scissor happy. And then I had this really swell idea for a blog post. So I went with it. Don’t worry. He […]

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