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Top Pet PeevesNov 21st


Welp, Black Friday is approaching. Black Friday is “black” because it brings out the worst in everyone. The stressed out, the annoyed, the greedy, the hungry. I’m probably gonna just avoid it altogether. I get annoyed really, really easily. My husband has told me on multiple occasions that I have more pet peeves than anyone […]

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Spilling My Beans And Making A MessNov 16th

Happy Friday, Guys! Welp, I have exciting news. I’m guest posting over at The Mommy Mess today! Her theme is “It’s Not My Mess, so I of course had a lot to say. I could talk about messes all day long, but when it’s all said and done there’s just one mess that I’ll never, […]

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Happy MondayJul 23rd

Well, we took our photos yesterday and I think it was a success. Despite traffic, weather, and whiney hungry children, we managed to look like the family that’s got it all together. I believe there will be several wall-worthy photos to print out and blow up. Yes! And…we got our awkward photos. Yessiree. Now, I’m […]

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Awkward Family PhotosJul 20th

I am so excited because this weekend we’re taking family photos! We haven’t had a “professional” family shoot since Coco was about 18 months. My sweet friend, Emily, from Juxtapose Media is taking them for us somewhere around Santa Monica or Venice, so we’ll look like one of those really cool families that’s got their […]

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How To Be Awesome On FacebookJun 27th

source I hope you all know that sometimes I’m really sarcastic and maybe even a tad caustic and cynical. At times. Other times I’m all butterflies and roses. But sometimes, like when I’m a little ticked off, irritated, or had a glass of wine, I’ll go off on my little rant and for the sake […]

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My Rose CeremonyMar 08th

I would like to quietly announce the fact that we watch the Bachelor. Yes, it’s true. I’m humbled by my own admission to you all. I’m not even going to go into how disgusting the Bachelor is. The guy gives me the heebie geebies and all of the women make me want to vomit, but […]

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The Only Things I Label Are My ChildrenSep 29th

  I’ve noticed that I’ve fallen into the trap that most parents fall into when they have more than one child…I label, the children, that is. Really nothing else in my house is labeled. Come to think of it, labeling things other than my children could result in an improved quality of life. Huh. I […]

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Why I’m Not A Crazy Coupon LadyAug 01st

crazy coupon lady

I consider myself to be fairly savvy at saving money. I visit the daily money-saving sites, and I scrounge around for multiple copies of the Sunday paper. I clip and organize coupons. I plan my grocery trips around what is on sale, and I get a good old-fashioned rush when I score a deal. However. […]

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How To Wear Crop TopsJul 12th

cropped top

  I wrote this post almost two years ago, and this trend is STILL happening. So I’ve updated this one a bit and hope you’ll enjoy. If nothing else, read through the comments. I swear I did not write them all, they just didn’t transfer properly when I moved to wordpress. Some people get their […]

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Teeth aren’t Cheap.Sep 02nd

I just “organized” coupons and for all the money I save doing that it feels entirely futile after paying an enormous dental bill. Today’s post is the sad little story about a stupid tooth. I have been a bad girl when it comes to my teeth. Not like I don’t brush them or floss–on the […]

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The Coupon LadyJul 31st

 I found the Coupon Lady. Our world is a funny little place and money is a funny thing. People trying to save money can make for even more humorous situations. Just ask the profusely perspiring guy at Target. I wanted to share a story about a man who, out of everyone in the world, truly […]

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