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Blogger Gift GuideDec 12th

This year I have been blessed to make a bunch of new bloggy friends. The world of blogging is a fun, lively, and encouraging community filled with wonderful people. If I could buy all of my bloggy friends Christmas presents I would. has an elaborate collection of gift guides for this holiday season. From […]

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HillJean’s Holiday Handbook: Surviving Fashion {And Giveaway!}Dec 11th


Hi Guys! It’s time for another edition of HillJean’s Holiday Handbook! If you wanna catch up on the previous installments you have a few to choose from! HillJean’s Holiday Handbook: Surviving Family {P.S. This one was featured on TipJunkie so you know it’s legit!} HillJean’s Holiday Handbook: Surviving Gifts HillJean’s Holiday Handbook: Surviving Hog Flu […]

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10 Best Toys For Young ChildrenNov 26th


With Christmas just a month away I’m getting the question, “What do your kids want?” a bunch. Couldn’t they just ask, “What do YOU want for your kids?” Sigh. The answer is almost always “clothes.” Oh, and diapers. Tuition to preschool? Because, quite frankly, my kids don’t really need any more toys. While they don’t […]

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HillJean’s Holiday Handbook: Surviving FamilyNov 20th

5 tips

Hey Guys! So, something kinda new for this glorious season we are entering this very week. I’m writing up my own “guide” for navigating the holidays. A handbook, if you like. HillJean’s Holiday Handbook, if you’re like me and enjoy alliteration more than is good for you. Each Tuesday, from now until New Years, I […]

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20 Things To Do With A Teenage DaughterNov 12th

things to do with teenage daughter

When I wrote my post 20 Mommy Daughter Dates, I aimed it towards younger girls. But now I realize there are a lot of moms out there searching for things to do with a teenage daughter. Or an adult daughter. Right? I got great feedback last time in the comments. It is absolutely lovely to […]

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3 Fabulous Bloggers You Need To FollowNov 09th

Happy Friday, Guys! Today I will be throwing together the world’s most last minute kids birthday party ever! Woohoo 🙂 I’m sure there will be some fascinating details to share. But this morning, I wanted to share a few blogs that if you are not already following, you should. Remember  Monday when I promised I would […]

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Unique Christmas Card IdeasNov 08th


  Guys, I’m warning you, this Christmas I’m going NUTS with posts! I am so excited because I’m lined up for a few guest posts at some really awesome sites and *wink, wink* we’ll be talking about Christmas over there! So if you’re a Scrooge or Grinch, consider yourself warned. If you’re like me, and […]

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DIY Hansel and Gretel CostumesOct 31st

hansel and gretal

Happy Halloween, y’all! It’s a freezing, cold day over here. So of course the kids will need to wear jackets over their costumes. Sigh. I agonized over what they would be this year. It truly is the last year I have any say in Chaucer’s attire, so I wanted to make it count. I wanted […]

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Awkward Kindness Is Nice, TooOct 24th

She stood there, decked out from head to toe. The single girl’s guide to life was surely hidden within that adorable anthropologie bag slung over her shoulder. She was the picaresque, charming, Pinterest worthy, fashionista. Perhaps it was the awkward setting. We were, after all, standing side by side in the front row of a […]

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How To Tame Your ToddlerOct 12th

Do you have a boy? Is he wild like mine? Wait, before you say yes, let me just clarify what I mean by wild.  Wild: If he climbs everything, he might be wild. If he would rather stand than sit while swinging, he might be wild. If he tries going down the slide backwards, sideways, […]

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How To Raise Fairly Decent ChildrenAug 13th

How to raise kids

Yesterday my kids were so very insane that if it weren’t for the sense of humor that God endowed each of them with–well, I don’t know where we’d be.  While I was taking a nap and Matt was working on a paper they took it upon themselves to go color their walls with the Magic […]

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Why Everyone Should Wear A Maxi DressAug 09th

For all my opinions on undershirts and crop tops I’m not a fashion blogger. Frankly, I don’t really like the style right now, but since I pretty much buy everything second-hand I’m forced to go with the flow. Yes, I’m probably one or two seasons behind everyone but as long as I don’t look like […]

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Say Yes To The Pink DressJul 13th

I stood in line sweating. My basket full of goodies weighed down by the one really important piece. Do I buy it? Do I shackle myself to this hideous thing? “I’m buying this for my daughter. She’s gonna wear it every day and I will hate it.” I said to the cashier. She just laughed. […]

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Woodland Themed Baby ShowerMay 30th

toadstool cupcakes

This weekend we had a going away party/baby shower for our dear friends. It’s the bittersweet thing about living on campus. People eventually finish what they came to do and have to move onto the next thing. But honestly, I don’t know what we’re going to do without this amazing family. I mean, they are […]

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DIY: Keepsake GarlandOct 07th

ghost garland

Howdy folks! I thought I’d bring back an older post that I think is pretty adorable. This post makes me miss my chubby Chaucer. But I’m thankful I still have those little footprints! I’ve been hanging out on Pinterest lately. Way too much, actually. I have to say, the place is a goldmine for inspiration. […]

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How To Wear Crop TopsJul 12th

cropped top

  I wrote this post almost two years ago, and this trend is STILL happening. So I’ve updated this one a bit and hope you’ll enjoy. If nothing else, read through the comments. I swear I did not write them all, they just didn’t transfer properly when I moved to wordpress. Some people get their […]

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Layering Tank TopsJun 09th

trend that needs to come back

Let’s talk about layering. Layering with tank tops, ok? I don’t follow fashion rules too well. I’m kind of a bender of fashion rules. Comfort, affordability, and comfort rule in my book. However, I don’t like to loll around in sweats all the time. They have a time and a place, of course, but not […]

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