Yep, I'm another wife/mommy blogger who feels the need to share with the cyber world the scoop on my fascinating life. I'm quirky and cynical. You have been warned.

Valentine’s DayFeb 15th

Well, the man came through. I guess the evil monkey of last year’s lore was enough to get him thinking! Matt took me to San Diego for V-day, and the highlight was stopping in San Clemente for the best pizza in California. That’s right: Sonnys. Besides the phenomenal pizza and antipasto salad, Sonnys holds sweet […]

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Pre-Valentines SappinessFeb 11th

Aww shucks, Valentines Day is approaching, and the new buzz on facebook is to post a picture of your wedding day. Well, I’m still trying to figure out my darn scanner, and once I do, I will attempt to get a picture up. It was funny because last night Matt and I were talking about […]

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SuperbowlFeb 10th

The sacred day of Superbowl came and went as we all know. I’m in ok standing since I know that the Saints won…right? haha. Just kidding–I did know that much. But to be quite honest, I did not really watch much of it because I had a much more entertaining show going on in the […]

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My Personal Pick-Me-UpFeb 04th

Well, there are baby wipes all over my house, including kitchen drawers, and I have a feeling they won’t get picked up til tomorrow. Coco just loves taking these things out and “cleaning” everything around her. I was laying on the couch, almost asleep, and she came up to clean my arms. It was a […]

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More on this baby…Jan 29th

Well, at first I didn’t think that this was something I should blog about, but since it has become a major part of my life, I believe I should. I have accepted that this is from the Lord, and I think this little story displays His grace. Last Thursday, I was home alone with Coco. […]

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Being MeticulousJan 21st

I remember when I was little I would keep a journal and maybe neglect it for a few days–I would rush back to it and furiously fill the pages with my very important little life. Here are some of my entries to give you an idea of how meticulously I needed to document my existence: […]

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Hawaii here we come!Jan 12th

Well, in nine hours we will be boarding a plane for Hawaii! I thought I would blog about it before so that if I want to blog there, everyone will be up to speed with what we’re doing 🙂 Soooo this is a great opportunity for Matt and my future careers. We got accepted into […]

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GenerosityJan 10th

Well, I’ve taken couponing to a whole new level in my life by only spending money where there’s a deal. Its been a good change for me, but it has perhaps made me a little aggressive 🙂 Last night, Matt, CoCo, and I went to El Torito for dinner. I was armed and dangerous with […]

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Twas a Grand DayNov 17th

You know a day is wonderful when you replay it in your mind over and over again. I have been planning Coco’s birthday party for the last couple months and all of the preparations culminated yesterday in quite an extravaganza. The whole day was marvelous! When we started thinking about her birthday, we were met […]

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Where’s your belly-button?Nov 13th

“Where’s your belly-button, Coco?” Grammy (Leann) has taught Coco to point to her belly-button. Granted, she does not always point directly to it, but she gets the general vicinity down every time. Strange to think that the 7 lb. 11 oz., gooey, trembling little body that they slapped on my stomach a year ago is […]

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Good Old DaysNov 04th

Ah, memories. I am thrilled that this blog can preserve them–I only wish I were more efficient at getting them posted! I’ve always been a bit obsessive when it comes to memories. Even as a kid, I had a strong sense of time’s fleeting nature. Not that I was extraordinarily wise (hehe, those of you […]

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Oct 30th

This week took a nice, out-of-the-ordinary turn when my sis-in-law Candace decided that it was time for a visit! I was thrilled to have Candace, my brother Joe, and most of all, my new niece, Josie, come and stay for a night. I had a great time with them, and loved watching Joe and Candace […]

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What Life is Like Right NowOct 27th

I’ve noticed that its a common trend to say “life’s crazy right now” when someone asks how you are doing. I admit, I say this a lot, and I wonder when it will be that I’ll simply say: “life is so boring right now. There is absolutely nothing going on in my life.” Based on […]

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Petite MademoiselleOct 21st

Beyond all the fun pictures I post on Facebook and this blog, I think I’ve failed documenting the little interesting facts about Coco as she grows up. When she was an infant, and definitely before she started crawling, I fastidiously journaled about all the developmental changes that took place. Things like “today she grabbed for […]

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