Yep, I'm another wife/mommy blogger who feels the need to share with the cyber world the scoop on my fascinating life. I'm quirky and cynical. You have been warned.

So Much For Being MarthaOct 17th

“Give me my angry eyes!” In case anyone was under the impression (given the domestic craftiness of my last post) that I DO INDEED manage to juggle the roles of wife, mama, student, teacher AND have a perfect house–these photos will help clarify that misconception. Friday, the end of my work week, always commences the […]

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Halloween MadnessOct 15th

So—my dear friend Emily persuaded me to embark on a trip to Micheals, which is always extremely dangerous for me. I went in, defenses up, and all it took was one little glance at the “Fall Decor” to get my decorating itch started! Oh Emily! Why did you unearth this dreadful worm? Ok, enough drama. […]

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Oct 15th

After months away from the blogosphere, I have decided to make a come-back with updates and photos. Cosette is 1 month away from her 1st Birthday! I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown! She is walking, trying to talk, and is bursting with personality. The quiet, somnolent infant is gone and a spirited […]

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The Moccasin ApproachJul 21st

In my Multicultural Theory class I have had my eyes opened to a crisis that affects 40 million people worldwide. I wouldn’t generally post something from my classes, but this is relevant for everyone, and especially so for the Christian. In a multifaceted project, I explored the AIDS crisis, and tried to personally engage by […]

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Jul 16th

On Going to the Beach It may make you all clamor in protest, but here’s the deal: the beach is not a place to relax. That it is beautiful, can be a place for memories, and has its own exclusive status—I agree. But—here’s the rub—unless you live there, it makes for one of the most […]

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stupidbookJun 04th

Well, its about time, huh? I mean, you all care so much about the mundane, trivial, and absolutely fascinating events that  comprise to make up the life of Hillary Jean Hayes-Leonard.  So–my gift to humanity: documented proof that I exist.       I am so sick and tired of facebook. Here’s the history…I was one […]

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