Well hi there! Thanks for popping in.

He’s working on his Ph.D and writes his logic-chicken-scratch all over our apartment.

He and I make really good looking children. Go ahead. Judge.

This is Coco. She’s four going on fourteen.

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    And that's the way of it, Although I'm only spraying shit just for the sake of saying it So you know I don't play and shit. That's why I laugh when they start Am I real or am I just a thick wigger?I'll stab you in the eye Da da da ding da da da ding ding ding my name's Plan B Don't need no-one That's no good to me I fight loads I'm real sick of hearing these pricks talk shit

    Fuck what you think, I'll still smoke you like a cigger'. We arrange to go out for a drink at a bar, Shes already there when i arrive and she looks the part.

    I'll never stop rhyming, like I aint the silent type. I'm the violent type With a vicious bite like Iron Mike's.

    I know How to take your life and make you die, yo, so watch your fucking step and where you place your fucking eyes bro. She got a great personality and sense of humour, Next time we meet it just cant come any sooner. I'm a one man clan, one man band, just gi'mme one mic and one mic stand, one guitar for me to strum with my right hand.

    Am I real or am I just a thick wigger? I'm real sick of hearing these pricks talk shit, just 'cause they roll with a clique, think they won't get their throats slit with http://www.conred.gob.gt/celadrin/nolvadex-benefits. I'll stab you in the eye, yo, With a fucking biro The same fucking biro you just used to sign your giro, You fucking wino Don't fucking cross my line, yo, I'll hit you so hard your arse will hit the floor in Cairo.

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    Don't make me tell you twice bro. That's why I laugh when they start talking out their arse bout how this phase will pass: ‒ .

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    Am I real or am I just a thick wigger?

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    I'm an angry little man with a Plan who just don't give a damn, pissed at God 'cause he won't make my dick bigger.

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    Only drink spirits, don't give a fuck about my liver; The only reason I don't drink pints is 'cause I'm trying to watch my figure.

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