Woodland Themed Baby Shower

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This weekend we had a going away party/baby shower for our dear friends. It’s the bittersweet thing about living on campus. People eventually finish what they came to do and have to move onto the next thing. But honestly, I don’t know what we’re going to do without this amazing family. I mean, they are going to stay in town–but sweet little Owen has been a permanent feature on the playground for both of my kids. They’re going to miss seeing their friend everyday.

And I’m gonna miss my friend, too!


Anyways, they’re also about to have their second baby so we wanted to send them off with some cute onesies and diapers ???? We had families bring a favorite dish and celebrated in our traditional Solano Park potluck style–the only difference being that we decorated and went a little nuts with Pinterest. Yay!

I did not do this alone! My amazing friend worked long and hard with me into the wee hours of the morning fluffing pom poms, mixing frosting, and ironing bedsheets to use as tablecloths.

We wanted to go with a vintage woodland theme…mostly because I already had a bunch of stuff we could use. Because I’m obsessed with all things vintage and have a penchant for moss-covered items. Here’s what we came up with.

Table decor consisted of spray-painted beer bottles and flowers.
One of the centerpieces
We did wishes for baby and put them in a hurricane candle holder.
My awesome friend, Adie, made this. I hot glued the moss, but she did everything else. Including the cupcakes.
Martha made it look easy.
The cool couple
This photo was taken by one of my brilliant neighbors. Pretty awesome how all the kids are sitting, huh?

Yah, we showed Pinterest what’s up. Boo. Yah.

P.S. There are some more pictures I want to share but I didn’t want to overwhelm you (much) today. So there’s more to come!

9 thoughts on “Woodland Themed Baby Shower

  1. Jill

    Hey! Amazing decorations… I am helping my sister throw my niece’s first birthday party in April and we are doing a Woodland theme. I love the cupcake holder you/your friend made! Where did she get the wood slices for it? Is it something I can buy or something I have to chop down? Also, the moss is bought at a craft store, right?

    1. hillary

      We lived on campus at the time and the gardener was trimming trees so we asked him if he could cut them for us. I would think anybody who sells firewood could probably do that for you. And yes, the moss was purchased at a craft store. Good luck!

  2. hilljean

    Decorations were amazing! I’m getting ready to decorate a table for an event and wish I had your crafty hands and brain with me this week:)

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  4. hilljean

    What a wonderful thing to do! The party looks like it was so much fun, and it was beautifully decorated.

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  6. Helen Manriquez

    Hi, I love the mushroom cupcakes…can you tell me where you found the white confetti sprinkles for these? I’m having a baby shower and having a hard time finding them. Thank you.

  7. hilljean

    I totally saw these pictures on pinterest (not realizing they were yours) and thought to myself, “geez, that looks like Hill’s writing on the chalkboards.” Love it all!! Great job!

  8. hilljean

    Awesome..awesome. IT was amazing and we are going to miss seeing your faces out our kitchen window and in our front yard like crazy. However, you will still be seeing us all of the time ???? Thank you, this was something none of us Fawcetts will ever forget. You are both incredible friends. I can’t wait to get crafty over you someday soon in the future.


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