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3 Cheap, Easy, and Clean Meals

So…I started a thing last Friday, and I’m trying real hard to be a good girl and follow through. Friday’s Favorites. Today I want to share a little insight into our diet. People are starting to notice that we have…shrunk, a bit. My husband (annoyingly) has lost WAY more weight than I have. But that… Read More »

Boost Your Body: 3 Ways

*This post is brought to you by Sara Lee® Christmas is in SEVEN days. Holy cow. Are you ready for it? New Year’s Day is FOURTEEN days away. Are you ready for that? I am. I am really ready to kick off this new year and focus on getting healthy again. I’m not just talking about… Read More »

Beach Day With Taste of Nature

Living near the beach has many perks. But my favorite one, besides the weather, is that people want to come and visit us. We also live close to a major airport and this too brings folks our way. Nevertheless, the beach remains a natural source of attraction and this summer we plan to manipulate the heck out… Read More »

Homemade Creamed Horseradish

I suppose you might be wondering what you’re looking at up there. No, I didn’t castrate a horse. What we have here is a large horseradish root. Remember a while back I was knocking the Paleo diet, but told you they have a killer horseradish recipe? Yah, well, I thought I’d do us all a… Read More »

Olive Oil Matters + A Hummus Recipe

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pompeian. For the past few months, cooking has been a real challenge for me. I blame it entirely upon my pregnancy. First there was the morning sickness, then the exhaustion, and finally the only-wanting-an-In-n-Out-Burger phase which I am finally beginning to vacate. Ok, that’s… Read More »


Have you heard of Maria Kang? She pissed off a lot of people a few months back with her extremely annoying “family portrait.” Maria is someone who spends a lot of time on her body. Even a quick glance at her portrait will tell you that she is a woman dedicated to strengthening, training, and… Read More »

7 Ways To Eat Your Placenta

I’ve had a girl and I’ve had a boy. I’ve experienced both medicated and unmedicated births. I’ve nursed and I’ve formula-fed. Yes, I daresay there are few things  left to be enlightened about in the realm of child birthing. However, there is one thing I have yet to do. I’ve never eaten my own placenta.… Read More »

Pecan Praline Popcorn

You know what word is both fun and annoying to say? Hankering. You kind of have to curl your lip a bit like Elvis in order to get the enunciation correct. I also like to add a certain honking element when I use the word. This week, I had a hankering. A honking hankering. Elusive,… Read More »

CornDog Muffins

Do you have picky eaters? Me too. Coco pretty much won’t eat meat unless it’s a hotdog or in spaghetti. She does like salad though. And rice. But not beans or cheese or peanut butter. Grrrr. Chaucer, on the other hand, eats a turkey sandwich for breakfast every morning. He’ll gobble up any type of… Read More »