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Addiction Aftermath: Weight Gain

If I’m being honest I’ll tell you that confessing to a drug addiction was the easy part. Being quiet after the response–that wasn’t so hard either. It’s ok in circumstances like this to “plead the fifth.” But live normal life? That’s hard, yo. They didn’t tell me at the Chemical Dependency Center that I would… Read More »

In between.

Did you see yesterday’s post? There was a whole lot of hype and angst after I first published the “BEFORE” post. Folks wanted to hurry up and see the after. The AFTER. No mind what the process looked like. Show us the results. Caterpillar to butterfly. Please leave out the crusty chrysalis. In this day… Read More »

Vicodin Addiction Recovery

Let’s talk about vicodin addiction recovery. Why? A few weeks ago I came out with my darkest, most ugly, most embarrassing secret. I shared it with the world. I don’t know what I expected from such a revelation, but the outcome was better than anything I could have hoped for. Yes, it was excruciating. I… Read More »

I’m a drug addict.

I’m a drug addict. She sat there wailing, weeping as if someone had died. My first instinct was to rush to her and ask how I could help. But then I remembered where I was. Slowly, I took her in: around 45 years old, saggy skin, greased back hair, acrylic nails and flashy jewelry. Track… Read More »