9 sucky things, 3 nice ones. I like odd numbers-sue me.

By | November 5, 2010
The Leonard household is currently under construction. We are trying to get eliminate diapers from Coco’s routine FOREVER. Yep. We are in full-blown potty-training mode. You’d know that just by walking into my house and smelling it. Ewwww. I need to start stocking up on more Scentsy…Anyways, yesterday ended with me in tears. Today–kinda the same thing. I’m exhausted and filthy. I’ve questioned (many times) why people potty train before 6 years old.  But–I had a few good things that make it all better. So here’s a list of 9 reasons why today sucked and 3 reasons why it didn’t. The good outweighs the bad, by far. 
1.) I haven’t showered. This always makes for a bad day in my book. It also limits the amount of yelling I can do, which is probably a good thing. Mama always said never yell without your makeup on. I’ve found its a good rule of thumb. Also, life’s like a box of chocolates…I digress.
2.) The laundry pile is a mile high and smells of urine. Blech. Coco’s urine, just to be clear.
3.) We only have $2 on our laundry card and are waiting for new debit cards to come in the mail because our con-artist daughter stole them and hid them  we misplaced them. Hence, I can only do about 1 and a 1/2 loads of laundry. The rest will be washed prairie woman style in the bathtub. 
4.) Of the 28 pairs of underwear I bought for Coco we only have 2 clean ones left.
5.) My linoleum floors have been showered in pee all day. I’ve only washed my feet once.
6.) I’m out of Swiffer Wetjet refills, meaning I will need to wash my floors prairie woman style as well.
7.) I haven’t been outside my teeny apartment all day. For all I know the rapture has happened and we’re left behind. 
8.) Coco threw playdough at the wall and broke a frame that has been in the family for about 60 years. I guess we can replace the glass, but I still cried.
9.) I’ve been talking in third person all day. I’m annoying myself. I sound like freaking Elmo.
Now the GOOD:
1.) One sweet hour of listening to worship songs and holding my peaceful chillens. Yes, yes, it is worth it all. Buuuuuuttttt! WHAT A DAY! (See how I’m not wearing makeup. I should not yell at anyone today).
9 sucky things, 3 nice ones. I like odd numbers-sue me.
Thank you, Photo booth for capturing the one peaceful moment of the day.
2.) I just saved 15% or more on car insurance . Matt bought me flowers ????
3.) He’s going to mop the floors. He just doesn’t know it yet ????
Here’s wishing that tomorrow the potty training clicks before I snap!

One thought on “9 sucky things, 3 nice ones. I like odd numbers-sue me.

  1. Mariah

    Ah Hill, it seems like yesterday I was there with a toddler and a newborn… and now, at this very moment, my youngest, that newborn, is staging me to take a picture with my camera! Saying, “Smile! Like a princess!” Craziness…


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