Why is it wrong to bring a child into the world if you have to rely on assistance?

By | July 26, 2022

My whole family is low income and I still had a decent life growing up. Where I live, there are so many resources to help low income families. In addition to food stamps, we receive plenty of food from different non-profit orgs and charities to ensure we can have 3 meals a day. We also never went without healthcare since we all qualify for medicaid. We also have a roof over our heads, electricity and running water. Just because i have kids while on assistance doesn’t mean my kids wont be properly taken care of. But people sayt that what i’m doing is selfish. How is it selfish if my kid won’t be neglected or go hungry? My ancestors grew up in much worse enviornmnts since there weren’t these types of resources back then. i consider myself lucky

7 thoughts on “Why is it wrong to bring a child into the world if you have to rely on assistance?

  1. kate

    I dont understand why everybody is so upset. Did OP say they werent working, am i missing sth? Of course it isnt ideal to have a child that you cant 100% support on your own but that doesnt mean you are a second class human being for crying out loud. Child is fed, warm and loved. All good.

  2. yolk

    I see nothing wrong with it. I was a teenager when we had our first child. We lived below the poverty line for our first four years. We did not take food stamps or any govt check, but we did qualify and use low-interest government student loans for college. Some 44 years later, we are productive members of society, paying taxes, etc.

    I think the Government should be available to help a person out of a hole. They SHOULD NOT take care of people who want to live in one. If you have an unexpected pregnancy and need help. Help should be there. If you continue to have babies knowing that with each child, your chances of having time to better yourself fade… then that is on you. The bottom line, do your best to make the proper decisions to help yourself and your family. Sometimes, Many times that means personal sacrifice. Saying NO to your own immediate needs or wants.

  3. Andy

    Government assistance of those sorts is not meant to be a permanent paycheck or the only way a person is able to have kids. I have used it at points in my life (when I was going through chemo and had to quit my job). That money is coming from other people. So a family who uses goverment assistance permanently and makes no changes to be able to better support themselves and continues to add more and more children to the mix is essentially abusing the purpose of assistance and stealing. I don’t hate people who do it by any means, but it CAN show a certain lack of responsibility and consideration.

  4. miss_Saraswati

    Because assistance is to help you get back on your feet, not support your family long-term. That assistance is paid for by tax dollars in a lot of instances. So people might be a little salty at the idea that their tax dollars are supporting someone else’s family.

  5. Adam

    They’re “properly taken care of” because their care essentially falls from the sky. It’s nice everyone else can work and live frugally so you and your family can pop out kids and let someone else take care of them.

  6. evan

    I see the Americans have entered the chat with their “hate the poor” ignorant attitudes. Look, as long as you aren’t using babies to get more and more welfare, the get on with your bad self. The role of government should be to support its citizens. So many Americans have been lied to and manipulated into hating the poor, without really understanding what it means to be in a position to need assistance. They blame the poor person rather than the corrupt system that led to them being trapped in that cycle, because that is what the politicians and oligarchs want.

  7. henry

    Knowingly bringing a child into the world that you cannot support yourself is unacceptable. Nothing is free and that money/those resources come from the rest of us.

    Being prepared, having a child, and falling on times is sometimes unavoidable. That’s when it’s appropriate to use the resources while also taking steps (working, not doing drugs, not drinking, etc.) is acceptable. It’s a support, not a lifelong solution.


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