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Make Magic Happen!

I grew up in a large family of six kids. While we weren’t necessarily “poor,” we were definitely not rich. There were certain years that were harder than others. I remember my mom gently preparing us for a Christmas that wasn’t padded with a myriad of gifts. I’m sure her task wasn’t easy–after all, we… Read More »

Sweet Relish Giveaway

The gift giving is over, right? We’re all Christmassed out and ready for the New Year! But there is this niggling thing that always hangs around with me after Christmas. Basically, I still want it to be Christmas. During that last loaded week of Christmas I cloak myself in the armor of “next year.” Next… Read More »

Ready For New Years!

It’s over. I cannot believe it’s over. The happiest season of all is done and the New Year is peaking out over the horizon. My bloated Christmas gut is ready for that new year. Oh my. The plans I have! I am through with pinning Monkey Bread and Buckeyes and Peppermint Bark.

Finding the Funny: Holiday Edition

Remember how I said we’d have a linkup for awesomely funny holiday pictures? Yah. Well, that’s happening. Today. It’s a very special edition of Finding the Funny! Today I’m teaming up with My Life and Kids, Kelley’s Break Room and 14 more bloggers to bring you a special Holiday edition of Finding the Funny!

Lying About Santa

Hi guys! Today I have a special treat for you! My friend, Adrienne from The Mommy Mess is here today! A while back I was over at her place making a huge mess talking about the time our toilet and bathtub exploded with a poop volcano, and my ceiling fell in and everything on my… Read More »

Christmas Popcorn Recipe

Today, I wanna get all crazy with popcorn. That was a really bizarre thing to say. Let’s try this again. Today, I want to share with you my enthusiasm for popcorn. There. That’s better, huh? Ok, so popcorn is pretty special to my family. As a kid, whenever we had family movie nights we would… Read More »

Relief From Too Much Food

  It’s time for another edition of HillJean’s Holiday Handbook! This week we’re talking about food, and how to survive it. No, I am not going to give you healthy holiday recipes. Nor will I lecture you on the benefits of “eating clean” and daily exercise in order to combat the holiday flub chub. Why?… Read More »

Surviving Gift Giving

Hey Folks! It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for another edition of HillJean’s Holiday Handbook. I know you have just been dying to see what this week is all about…huh? Huh? Today I want to talk about gifts and how we can survive such a complicated, expensive, and all-out stressful component of the holidays.… Read More »