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The Halloween Conundrum

Halloween is only ten days away and I’ve got myself into quite a pickle with my kids costumes. Namely, we don’t have them. My kids typically start talking about what they’re going to be for Halloween the day after Halloween. You read that right. In this house, Halloween trumps Christmas with respect to being the most… Read More »

Since You’ve Been Gone…

Matt and I went to a Kelly Clarkson concert last week. It was “epic,” if that’s a word people still use to mean awesome, spectacular, great and, you should have been there. We tried so hard to get a nice selfie. I mean, a Kelly Clarkson concert is worth a selfie, right? Wait, is a… Read More »

5 Tips For Self Care

At 30 years of age, I’ve been all over the map as far as health goes. I have been vibrant, plump, and thriving. I have been diminished, thin, and failing. I have been pregnant and swollen. I have been post-partum and sagging. And while there is a happy medium somewhere in between all of those… Read More »

Working on my fitness

Ok, so yesterday I talked about my word for the year… Abundance. That’s a pretty high caliber word, don’t you think? I picked it as a theme for my year because I believe “abundance” to be all-encompassing. I’m 30 years old, and I feel its time to grow up in certain arenas in life. I want… Read More »

My Word For 2015

Well hey! It’s been a year since I’ve posted. Hyuck. hyuck. I love corny New Years jokes. I enjoyed some time away, but in all honesty I missed blogging. No really! I had posts all ready in my head. December was going to be a full month…and then my computer died. Like, black screen of… Read More »

Raising Compassionate Kids

A few months back, I had one of those “aha” moments with God where a concept suddenly became real and imperative for me to understand. I don’t have these moments that often. I’d like to blame pregnancy, but the truth is I often am not quiet enough to hear myself think, let alone let God… Read More »

My Extraordinary Kid

I took my five-year-old daughter into Claire’s the other day. It was her first time. If you don’t know what Claire’s is, it’s basically accessory heaven for girly-girls. I remember discovering it when I was about twelve years-0ld and life was never the same after. I knew Coco would be impressed, but I had no… Read More »

May 2014

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A Truly Epic Giveaway!

Do you love reading? Enjoy free stuff? Did you miss the boat on summer’s GIGANTIC, multi-blog reading giveaway and you want another chance to win?!?! Well, we’ve delivered, except for one tiny difference – this time, it’s EVEN BIGGER! Even more of your favorite bloggers have joined together to bring you the hugest giveaway on… Read More »