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I cannot control any of my children

I last left you with my Halloween predicament. Thanks to my shrewd dispensation of passive aggressive tactics, I was able to steer Coco away from the $100 Disney Descendants costume and had her angling for a Cinderella getup. *Phew!* All it took was a casual perusal of Pinterest where pin after pin showed puffy gowns and shimmering… Read More »

The Halloween Conundrum

Halloween is only ten days away and I’ve got myself into quite a pickle with my kids costumes. Namely, we don’t have them. My kids typically start talking about what they’re going to be for Halloween the day after Halloween. You read that right. In this house, Halloween trumps Christmas with respect to being the most… Read More »

How To Not Lose Friends While Dieting

So, hey. I made it through a month of dieting. January was my Crucible. It was rough. But I had a partner–Matt starved alongside me. We’re still on this annoying journey to lose weight and revolutionize our “lifestyle” but I feel like the biggest hump has been managed. The only problem is, I fear we… Read More »

9 Surprising Facts About Kids And iPads

So…I got an iPad for Christmas. I requested an “e-reader,” yes, said just like that, because I’m a nerd. I wanted an electronic device whereby I could purchase books (at a discounted rate) and ignore my family while diving into fictitious worlds. Reasonable Christmas wish, right? I even told Matt, “Hey, I don’t want an… Read More »

The Cold Sore That Almost Ruined Everything

I’m excited to share with you a post today that’s all about staying confident even when you’re battling a cold sore.  If you suffer from cold sores like I do, you know it isn’t easy to feel confident when you get one.  With the first sign of a cold sore coming on I reach for Abreva®… Read More »

“Negotiations” from a six-year-old

So today is Coco’s sixth birthday. Cue the weeping and “time goes too fast” sentiments. I’m pretty stoked at how this little girl is turning out. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m gonna brag. This girl has a lot going for her. I mean, the fact that she was able to bypass the Elsa… Read More »

My Red Stapler

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Fortunately, I have a surplus of spam comments telling me what a superb job I’m doing on this ‘website.’ Sometimes spam is nice. Sometimes, it’s nice to have an unknown, foreign body telling you that everything you’re doing is awesome. Even if you know it’s total crap. I take… Read More »

Just Call Me A Cow

Its a funny thing. When you’re extremely pregnant all you can think about is what it would be like to feel normal again. The last two months of my pregnancy I felt like a cow. A cow with heartburn. My belly was huge. My boobs were huge–and leaking–and I fought the urge to moo (and/or… Read More »

Sorry I’m Still Pregnant

Guys, I’m getting into that late pregnancy funk. The kind where all you can think about is getting the baby out and nothing else matters. Every twinge, every spasm makes me pull out my phone and check the clock. So annoying, because there are lots of twinges and spasms. Also, I feel as if I’m… Read More »

Did My Water Break, Or Did I Pee?

While I might be in the last stretch of my third pregnancy, I’ve decided I’m still a total nube. Pregnancy is just NOT one of those things that gets better or easier with practice. I’ve gone into labor and delivery twice already. Once for suspicious bleeding that turned out to be the result of a… Read More »