The Halloween Conundrum

By | October 21, 2015

Halloween is only ten days away and I’ve got myself into quite a pickle with my kids costumes. Namely, we don’t have them.

My kids typically start talking about what they’re going to be for Halloween the day after Halloween. You read that right. In this house, Halloween trumps Christmas with respect to being the most talked about holiday of the year.

So WHY don’t I have their costumes yet? I’ve certainly had time to think about this before the final countdown. Well, it comes down to three small problems:

1.) I really, reaaaaallly wanted us to have a family theme this year. I’ve been waiting for everyone to finally be on board for either Downton Abbey or The Incredibles. The jury’s out for both, which is such a shame because I look awesome in hats AND I just got the Mrs. Incredible haircut.

2.) This is my last year to capitalize on the baby factor. While he might think he’s a toddler now, I know better. I must optimize Tenny’s baldness, cheeks, and four teeth before my darling baby vanishes before my eyes.

A photo posted by thehilljean (@thehilljean) on Oct 3, 2015 at 12:37pm PDT

You can imagine the pressure I am under thinking up the perfect costume for him.

3.) Chaucer wants to be a snake. I just…I don’t really have any other words besides wha??? How in the ever-loving heck am I supposed to execute that disaster?

And Coco wants to be Mal from Disney Descendants.

photo cred: Disney Wiki

photo cred: Disney Wiki

I have nothing against Mal or Disney Descendants. In fact, I like her and I’m thrilled my daughter prefers an edgy heroine to Elsa. The only obstacle in achieving this Halloween look is my own procrastination. I should have purchased the Mal costume about a month ago. You know, before it was sold out or being sold on the black market (eBay) for a ridiculous $80. Ugh.

I just can’t. Would you? No. You wouldn’t either. I’d maybe pay $80 to look like Lady Grantham, but not for my daughter to wear a cheesy polyester fire-hazard that she’ll probably rip before the end of the night. So, I’m putting my crafty cap on and constructing our own version–if you follow me on Instagram you’ll get to see the finished product.

That is, unless I can’t persuade her to be Anna the lady’s maid.

This post was written in response to one of Mama’s Losin’ It writing prompts. After a long time away from blogging it was fun to just go back to her fabulous site and find the inspiration to get to writing again. Thanks, Kat, for keeping on with your writer’s workshop ????

Want to see my favorite Halloween costumes from the past? I loved making these Hansel and Gretel costumes a few years ago!

Also, in case you’re looking for some easy DIY Halloween costumes I’ve compiled five iconic looks over at the Sole Serum blog. Check ’em out!

4 thoughts on “The Halloween Conundrum

  1. Kat

    My daughter is obsessed with the Descendants too and no way would I splurge the 80 bucks. We just got costumes today and I’m right there with you. Totally procrastinated this year! We’ve got a waitress, a pirate, Steve from Minecraft and then Pat and I will be Anna and Olaf. ???? Can’t wait to see what you decide on!

  2. lisa, too!

    I totally get ya! That’s how I felt when my kid wanted to be Mac from Teen Beach Musical 2 last year… Ugh. Only they never really were “in” the market, just started out SUPER expensive (because it was so new). I’m sure you can pull something super awesome together. As for the snake… Dress all in black (or green or whatever color) and make a paper mache “crown” with a snake head coming out of the top? Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you do. Coming at you from Mama’s Losin’ It!

  3. Jen E @ mommablogsalot

    Good luck with the Mal costume – honestly the only reason I’m ready for Halloween is because the kids went easy on me – knock on wood!


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