Bralette for 7-year-old?

Has anyone else had their 7-year-old wear a bralette? I mean those single layer, no padding, short cami style bralettes. My 7YO isn’t developing (at least I don’t think she is) I couldn’t wrap my head around that happening at 7. But we were shopping and she wanted to try on some dresses for school… Read More »

I got my son into therapy, some stuff came out TW: abuse

Throwaway account. My son (13) has recently been showing some very lax hygiene, to the point it was concerning. His overall demeanor has not changed, still his happy-go-lucky self, but he has developed a habit of not cleaning himself properly after pooping. After many discussions, taking away electronics (wasn’t sure if he was just not… Read More »

There is sometimes harm in just asking!!!

My partners parents have been fairly absent from watching or visiting my daughter because we live a 30 min drive from them. His step dad works from home for himself so his hours are flexible and his mom doesn’t work. They have driven out to us a handful of times, my daughter is 9 months… Read More »

How to deal with the relentlessness of parenting?

Quick rundown of my personal situation: I have two daughters – 4 and 5.5 -, my partner works from home 90% of the time while I’m a support worker for a woman with late stage Multiple Sclerosis and we’re closing on a house after searching for about a year so we’re in the packing and… Read More »

How involved are you when it comes to your teen’s hygiene?

Do you constantly remind them to keep up with their hygiene? Do you let natural consequences play out? I don’t want my daughter starting high school as the “stinky girl” so I’m constantly telling her to shower/put on deodorant/brush her teeth because I’m afraid she just won’t do it. I’m also afraid that I’m hindering… Read More »

I send my child to daycare even on my days off.

My son is 3 and we’ve been sending him to daycare Monday to Friday since he turned one and I finished mat leave and went back to work full time. I do continental shifts with 12 hour days meaning I work 3 days one week and 4 days the next and rotate days to night.… Read More »

He is 8 months old and suddenly everything changed

Let me preface this with a request: please refrain from telling me “you think you’re tired now!” Or “just wait; it gets worse.” Or “wait until they can x, y, and z.” Save it. I don’t need that right now. So my little guy started crawling a couple of weeks ago. He had been scooting… Read More »