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Little Boy Haircuts 2016

  My little guy was in need of a new haircut. Little boy haircuts are not nearly as fun as little girl haircuts…or so I thought. My sister is getting married in a few weeks and Chaucer is a ring-bearer. I will probably die of cuteness. As will the rest of the wedding audience. I… Read More »

5 Tips For Decorating A Small Space For Christmas

Decorating for Christmas is probably one of my all time favorite things to do. Pulling out those Christmas boxes and unwrapping each tiny trinket and ornament is something I’ve enjoyed ever since I was a little girl. If I had the space, I would be one of those Christmas hoarders who owns a storage unit… Read More »

Creating Stories With RealTimes

Even though my memory is jam-packed with delicious images of childhood and adolescence, there are only a few home videos available for my viewing pleasure. Why? Because we didn’t have a video camera. We do have a few prized videos that are recorded on Uncle Ed’s or Mrs. Wallace’s camcorders. Watching those dodgy videos is… Read More »

Summer Bucket List With Kellogg’s

Summer is *almost* here. After Christmas break, I dreaded the coming of summer. Why? Because it meant no school, and without school, I’m left with a very busy little girl who needs constant activity. But now that it’s *almost* here, I’m excited. I’m excited to have days of relaxation and adventure in equal parts. Having… Read More »

#tbt: Mother’s Day

It’s Thursday. Lets throw it back, shall we? Mother’s Day has come and gone. And while we’ve all performed our obligatory services to our mothers, I’m still sitting here thinking. Motherhood is no easy task, yo. Like, a card? A card and flowers as a thank you? Really? We carry these babies for nine months. We… Read More »

Friday Finds: Best Baby Moccasins

I hesitate saying that I’m making this a thing. Because…with my track record, chances are I’m going to drop this trend like…I don’t know. But here’s the thing. I want to share awesome things that I find. Because when I find a good thing, I want to spread the wealth and let everyone in on… Read More »

How To Share The Bathroom With Your Cat

I feel like I’m pretty honest with you guys. Like, I make no attempt to hide the fact that most of my day is spent wiping butts and dealing with small humans. But sometimes I think I forget to mention the small non-human I have to deal with in addition to the small humans. We… Read More »

5 Tips For Taking Your Child To The Ballet

Parenting is a huge journey of unknowns. It’s a relationship based, in equal parts, off of love and inexperience. Even if you’re a veteran mom, each child you have will bring new ideas and new challenges. I am always pleasantly surprised by the incredible things I get to learn along the way. Ok, maybe “pleasantly… Read More »

The Best Sleep Sack For Your Baby

It’s basically taken me three times to finally figure out what is best when it comes to all things baby. With my first baby, everything was new and I just got all click-happy on the registry. Things fell into place, largely because people were generous. Then I had my second baby. Let’s just call the… Read More »