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By | July 8, 2015
Even though my memory is jam-packed with delicious images of childhood and adolescence, there are only a few home videos available for my viewing pleasure.

Because we didn’t have a video camera.

We do have a few prized videos that are recorded on Uncle Ed’s or Mrs. Wallace’s camcorders.

Watching those dodgy videos is like catching a momentary glimpse into a vaulted museum piece. I just can’t get enough.

Well, thanks to modern technology, my kids will not have that problem. On the contrary, we have a surplus of photo and video footage that we have to sort through and prioritize when it comes to actually choosing what is worthy for our posterity. It’s such a tough call, right?

I love how my iPhone organizes photos and videos and situates them into “events” according to date. I am forever grateful for how Instagram takes my best photos and compiles them into an online gallery. And you know what else? I love how RealTimes™ takes my best photos and videos and gives me a gorgeous montage to share with friends and family.

I’m a sucker for sappy montages. I mean, who wouldn’t want a perfectly synchronized, highlight reel for all the big life events?

RealTimes™ is an app that enriches your life with its simplicity and knack for finding the high points among the ordinary.

But not only that! It also enriches the lives of your family and friends by giving them the very BEST of your photo/video reel, accompanied by appropriate music and filters.


It’s like *finally* someone recognized how noteworthy your everyday life is and decided to document it Hollywood style.

Here’s one I made of the wedding we attended over the weekend:

RealTimes™ automatically creates beautiful and engaging video Stories from your photos and videos, helping you capture and share life’s adventures with no effort. You can also edit them with special effects, titles, and even add custom music to tell the Story your way.

Your Stories and individual photos and videos backup automatically into your RealCloud, a private cloud drive that you can access on any smartphone, tablet, PC or TV.

They automatically get organized in an easy to navigate timeline, and you can create your own albums to keep collections together. Behind it all is the RealPlayer technology that allows you to share your Stories, photos and videos with anyone on any device, and lets them watch it even if they don’t have the app! RealTimes™ auto converts your photo and video files to fit the screen and format of whatever device you’re reliving your life on – no worries, it just works!

We all know that moms are the ones who do it all including making sure that every memory and moment has been captured through photos and videos. But here’s the deal, mom may be the one taking all the photos and videos but she’s also the one who ends up out of the picture.

Why? Because she’s always behind her iPhone, android, or whatever device she’s using and never front and center along with her family and friends.

But not anymore! Because RealTimes™ allows anyone to take photos and videos and turn them automagically into stories that can be shared in real time on any device anywhere. Snap, Tap, Clap! RealTimes™ picks your best smiles, best lighting, saves it to a cloud, and even add music. It’s all done for you. So next time you want to See…Save…and Share try RealTimes™. Your Life. Now Playing.™

Go! Check them out! :  The RealTimes™ app is available from Google Play and iTunes, and you can follow them on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.


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