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By | December 9, 2013

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.


I don’t know how you do things in your house, but in this one I sort of fly by the seat of my pants half the time. The other half of the time I’m super organized and put-together.

Ok, that’s not true. I’d say 89% of the time I fly by the seat of my pants, and the remaining 11% I’m sleeping. So, yah.

Anyways, part of my problem is I am always running out of things. Not like flour, sugar, or fabric softener. No, I run out of extremely important things. Like, toilet paper.

Jiminey Christmas! If I had a nickel for every time I find out we’re completely out of toilet paper…well, I’d be able to buy a lot more toilet paper.

There are four of us in this house that use toilet paper, and I’m really trying to figure out how we go through so much of it. My kids’ digestive systems are pretty top-notch. As in, whatever goes in has to come out the same day. Ridiculous.

But I also have my suspicions that someone in this house has one of those “strange addictions” I saw on TLC once. Did you know some people eat toilet paper?! If I had to nail down the member who does…I’d say it’s Chaucer. The kid used to eat dirt and sand every chance he had as a baby and toddler.

Who knows…

All I know is I’m always running out of toilet paper. So this holiday season I’m wishing for more toilet paper for the rest of the year. And as it turns out, Cottonelle believes that “More is Better.” Which is exactly what I think about both chocolate and toilet paper!

Apparently, Cottonelle has upped their sheet-per-roll percentage by 25%

If I’m doing my math correctly (and that clause is riddled with problems if you know anything about math and me) then I would run out of toilet paper 25% less often than I normally do!


No more dissecting paper towels to get a similar ply. No more eyeballing the coffee filters when goings get real rough. No more stealing toilet paper from the gym.

Oh what? No, I don’t steal toilet paper from the gym. I would never!

But my husband does.

What can I say? We’re poor. Grad student salary, folks.

So I can use all the extra 25% I can get. Heck yes, more is better. Except for bills. More bills=not better.

Now. Who could use an extra $500 along with that 25% of toilet paper? Huh? Me! Enter Cottonelle’s 12 Days of More Giveaways!


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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.

16 thoughts on “More is better

  1. Priscilla

    I’d like to be able to eat 25% more without seeing the effects. ????

    1. hillary

      I totally thought you meant you wanted more Costco! Now I see the meaning after Candace’s comment. Wow. I am a space cadet.

    1. hillary

      Ha! New Years is the perfect time to purge all that stuff. I do it every year.

  2. BrerMatt

    More is better than less because if stuff is not less… if there’s more less stuff then you might, you might want to have some more and your parents just don’t let you because there’s only a little.

  3. Candotche

    I’m with Leslie…Buy it at costco! $14 and itll last you at least a month!

  4. gay s.

    More intelligence to do more in life. Always room to learn.

    1. hillary

      Oh yes. More time would be phenomenal. I’d probably sleep it away though ????

  5. Chris Carter

    I am currently panicked because I am on our last rolls in each bathroom…. I swear you are SO right about running out of TP all the freaking TIME!! i actually buy Cottonelle when it’s on sale! And they always have coupons in our Sunday paper, which a total PERK.


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