How I Cheated On My Diet

By | July 22, 2013

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So a week or so ago I lamented weight gain. I hinted at a plan of attack–a diet, if you will.

I am not here today to divulge the tiresome details of said diet.

No. This is more funner. Ouch, that hurt my English major sensibilities. {It has come to my attention lately that I am WAY too anal about grammar. To fix this, I am purposefully fouling my own grammar up. See? Ended with a preposition right there. Booyah, establishment of Education. Booyah.}

Moving on.

Today I’ll share how I cheated on my diet. We all know that what’s naughty is usually more interesting. Never is this fact more clear than when left with these two choices:

1.) Talk about my diet.

2.) Talk about cheating on my diet.

Duh, right?

Here’s how I cheated:

It started with romance. One must be wooed into these sorts of things, you know.


I’ve thought long and hard and I am pretty convinced that Eve used a little “romance” to get Adam to bite that apple (if ya know what I’m sayin…)

Date night at B.J.’s Brewhouse.

“Oh, I can be healthy,” I thought to myself.

When BAM! What did I see but the new Big Poppa Smokers BBQ Menu. No turning back, no turning back.

First of all, when something is advertised under the slogan, “Big Poppa,” you know it’s serious business. “Poppa” denotes heritage, patriarchy, tradition, and lovability. You trust your Poppa, the bigger the better.

So when Big Poppa has a whole lineup of delectable BBQ delights–you have no choice but to partake.

I give you Exhibit A:

BJs 1


We complimented our Corn Fritters with Bacon Aioli with some BJ’s original IPA. Delish. The corn fritters were these charming little suckers that would pop and explode with cheesy goodness. Jalapeños, bacon, cheese, and chives permeated each bite.


We’ll just call that the first bite into the apple, as it were.

Then we got this:

no way

A full rack of finger-lickin’ smoked pork ribs and Jallelujah spiced fries. Mercy! We both said there was just no way…

And then…



The problem with these ribs is that the meat just falls right off the bone. No sucking or scraping going on here. You just bite that beautiful stuff right off. So we left some fries…for a while. And then we ate them, too.

We rolled out of the restaurant happy and full. It was so fun. We had a blast trying out that menu and I swear, it was WORTH not losing a pound. Worth it.

The Big Poppa Smokers BBQ Menu is only available until 9/22/2013 so you (and I ) need to take advantage of it while it’s still here! Next time I am going to try the Pecan Wood-Smoked Half Chicken and Summer Berry Cobbler. Sheesh this stuff is yummy! What would YOU want to get from the Big Poppa Menu?

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4 thoughts on “How I Cheated On My Diet

  1. Jackie

    Oh my… the deliciousness on those plates! Corn fritters with bacon aioli… that sounds definitely worth cheating on a diet for.

  2. kerri

    Ahh! This looks yum! And you look so cute! Also, my problem is, I find myself correcting OTHER people’s grammar. Only close family and friends, of course. Yes, I know that was a fragment. The other day, my daughter told me I should have been a math teacher instead. Ha!

  3. Kristy @Loveandblasphemy

    Diets are impossible. You’ve gotta splurge sometimes, right?! ????


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