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By | December 31, 2012

The gift giving is over, right? We’re all Christmassed out and ready for the New Year! But there is this niggling thing that always hangs around with me after Christmas. Basically, I still want it to be Christmas.

During that last loaded week of Christmas I cloak myself in the armor of “next year.” Next year I’ll be more prepared. I’ll start buying early. I’ll budget. I’ll be armed with lists and ideas and plan B’s and plan G’s. No more DIY’s in the wee hours of Christmas morn.’ I’ll be ready next year.

I really have no excuse to NOT be better next year. I mean, uh…I have the Internet! I can consolidate things on Pinterest and sort of keep track of peoples’ interests on Facebook and such, but I want a divine list. A go-to source from the comfort of my couch desk.

{Trumpet Sounds}

Hello, Sweet Relish! No, it has nothing to do with pickles! I admit, I instantly thought of a hotdog and that yummy green stuff I like to douse all over mine.


So let’s go over a little vocab so we can better understand the site, mkay? Here’s what I found from good old Merriam Webster.


As you can see I wasn’t too far off base with my pickle relish idea. BUT for the purposes of this blog post, we are going with

3a: The enjoyment of or delight in something that satisfies one’s tastes, inclinations, or desires.

So what is this “Sweet Relish?” Basically just a groovy little spot on the Internet that itemizes all those things you relish in life. Even pickle relish. It’s a list making place, people!!! See how this correlates with next Christmas?


Here’s a little diddy I made up just to sort of keep my beloved on the right track for next year (you can never start too early, right?) Also, Valentines and Mother’s Day. Thank the Lord for those two holidays. With birthday, anniversary, and Christmas all in one month I need all the extra perks I can take!

Anyways, here’s My Wardrobe Wish List from Sweet Relish:

Sweet Relish Giveaway

And since I want to be more proactive about making my 632 square foot apartment purty, I made a list for home goods. Top of the list is of course the Buddha Belly Butter Dish.

Sweet Relish Giveaway

See how fun that is? All you do is go to SweetRelish.com and set up an account. Easy as pie if you sync it to your Facebook. Then, you can share with friends and family the goodies that you relish. This is the only way you can fully capitolize on Valentines and Mothers Day, folks. Well, not really, but you know what I mean.

Sweet Relish Giveaway

Right now there is a special incentive for you to join Sweet Relish! If you make a list and title it #SITSSweetRelish you will be automatically entered to win a trip to BBC Phoenix in April! THIS is the conference I went to that changed my life, folks. If you have any interest in blogging or home business you would definitely benefit from attending.

Speaking of SITS, Sweet Relish has hooked up with the lovely ladies at SITS for a huge giveaway of 12 handbags.

Sweet Relish Giveaway

Oh, and one more thing before you go. How’d you like to have a free Coach Wristlet and $125 worth of fun goodies from Sweet Relish? Um, me, please.

Sweet Relish Giveaway

So cute, right? Here is the bag’s description: “Inspired by heritage pieces in the company archives, this simple, honest design showcases the beauty of artisanal leather—smooth, glove-tanned cowhide that will develop a rich patina over time. With its simple hardware and archival Coach New York foil-stamp logo, it has the distinctive look of our classic designs.”

  • Leather
  • Credit card and multifunction pockets
  • Zip-top closure, fabric lining
  • Wrist strap attached
  • 8″ (L) x 5″ (H) x 1 3/4″ (W)

Come on, now! Enter this here little giveaway ????

  • This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sweet Relish. The opinions and text are all mine.  You must reside in the United States and be 18+ to enter.a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Happy New Year!!


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  1. Amanda

    Wow! I was stopping by to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award on my blog today. But now I must check out this Sweet Relish!! By the way, here is the link http://lifesinceyou.blogspot.com/2012/12/liebster-award.html


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