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Make Magic Happen!

I grew up in a large family of six kids. While we weren’t necessarily “poor,” we were definitely not rich. There were certain years that were harder than others. I remember my mom gently preparing us for a Christmas that wasn’t padded with a myriad of gifts. I’m sure her task wasn’t easy–after all, we… Read More »

Sweet Relish Giveaway

The gift giving is over, right? We’re all Christmassed out and ready for the New Year! But there is this niggling thing that always hangs around with me after Christmas. Basically, I still want it to be Christmas. During that last loaded week of Christmas I cloak myself in the armor of “next year.” Next… Read More »

Love at first sight.

Tomorrow is payday. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! And besides getting the really important stuff like food, toilet paper, and the inevitable, unforeseen, but tooooootttttaaaaallllyyy necessary purchase at Target, we need to buy another doll stroller. Notice how the seat is broken and the little poles are ready to impale a clueless baby? That’s right. A doll stroller. Or… Read More »