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By | November 20, 2013

I grew up in a large family of six kids. While we weren’t necessarily “poor,” we were definitely not rich. There were certain years that were harder than others.

I remember my mom gently preparing us for a Christmas that wasn’t padded with a myriad of gifts. I’m sure her task wasn’t easy–after all, we lived next door to the two kids who counted and reported each and every one of their thirty-eight gifts. Each.

But Christmas was always magical. No matter how dire the finances–gifts appeared. Stockings were stuffed.  And Santa always came. Looking back now, I realize that the “magic” happened because people cared about us. They collaborated.

I’ll never forget the look on my mom’s face when a check came in the mail. When a basket of gifts arrived on our doorstep. THAT, my friends, is how magic happens in a world that is not made of fairy tales.

Now, who here would like to be a fairy godmother? I’d like to be Cinderella, but my feet are too awkward. Therefore, I shall be the plump and ever-happy fairy-godmother. And you can, too! Don’t worry, if you want to be a tight-ass fairy godmother that is fine too.

Here’s what you need to do: dig through your closets. Or rather, your kids’ closets. You know that fancy little Christmas number your daughter wore last year to the Christmas Eve service? I’m betting it doesn’t fit her anymore.


Well, it could fit another little girl this year and blow her away with Christmas magic.

There is a mom out there telling her daughter she can’t afford a new Christmas dress for her. Well, guess what? I’m betting you or someone you know can provide that dress for her.

It’s easy!  My friend over at Four Plus an Angel has put together a Holiday Clothing Drive for families in need of clothes. It’s simple, all you have to do is fill out this form:

Holiday Clothing Drive

Are you in need of holiday outfits this year or would you like to donate? *
If donating, we are taking new or gently used holiday clothing or gift cards, please be willing to ship within 7 days.
Please leave the sizes you need or would like to donate and whether it is for a boy or girl. *

If you are requesting a donation, leave your shipping address here:
Names and addresses will be kept private.

Thank you for participating, please leave your email address below and we will be in touch soon! *


Now, come on. Let’s spread the Christmas magic! Oh, and hey. If you don’t have a dress but would like to help—there are always gift cards. And Costco. Have y0u SEEN the Christmas dresses at Costco?! They are legit. And like, only about $20.

6 thoughts on “Make Magic Happen!

  1. Adrienne

    This is awesome! I’m gonna go through my closet this weekend!

  2. Kelly @

    What an awesome idea! We always clear out last year’s dresses in the springtime, but otherwise I’d totally participate.

    1. hillary

      Well, spread the word because we have a lot of needs!


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