Bralette for 7-year-old?

By | July 26, 2022

Has anyone else had their 7-year-old wear a bralette? I mean those single layer, no padding, short cami style bralettes.

My 7YO isn’t developing (at least I don’t think she is) I couldn’t wrap my head around that happening at 7. But we were shopping and she wanted to try on some dresses for school and I noticed that the raised area around her nipples are visible through the fabric. I’ve noticed it a few times with some of the lighter fabric tops she wears to dance.

She is a little chubby so I think that’s why they look like that? I don’t know though, I was flat as a pancake until I was 17, didn’t even get my period until I was 15.

I get so paranoid that some weirdo will look at that and think she has breasts so I am thinking of having her wear them under her tops. I wore camis under all my clothes growing up, and I kind of feel like this is the same thing. So I bought some super lightweight soft bralettes for her to try, enough compression to hide them, but not tight or thick enough to be uncomfortable.

Am I just being overly aware of this or are the bralettes a good idea?

3 thoughts on “Bralette for 7-year-old?

  1. Adam

    I bought them for my daughter probably 6 or 7. Talked to her about it. She knew what shirts were too thin and to wear them with. She also has b cups at 10 and wears real bras now. Started her period already. This is normal for my family though.

    ETA: she wore them when she wanted to and was not shamed when she didn’t.

  2. lushlilli

    I always let it by my daughters’ choice. My 19 year old doesn’t always wear a bra and that’s perfectly fine. My 8 year old started wearing bralettes by choice and that is fine too.

  3. Peloquin Post author

    Let her decide when and if she wants a bralette.

    Creeps will fantasize if shes wearing a bralette or not, so her wearing one wont stop that.


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