Am I alone with this? My 2.5 year old sleeps with me. I don’t push her own bed.

By | July 25, 2022

I am a single mom. It is the best sleep we both get. she has her own bed. She knows that’s her bed, but I don’t push it. I’ll ask her once in a while if she wants to sleep in her bed, she generally says no. But sometimes she’ll lay in it first for a few stories and then ultimately she’s in my bed with me. I know she’s only little for so long, and I want to cherish all of these moments and times I have with her while I can when she’s this young. Am I alone in parenting this way?

8 thoughts on “Am I alone with this? My 2.5 year old sleeps with me. I don’t push her own bed.

  1. tanya

    Bed sharing does not work for me. But you should not care one bit what i think or anyone else thinks. You do what is right and what works for you

  2. lushlilli

    I personally can’t sleep with a toddler in bed but if she’s past the age of it being a threat to her safety and you both sleep best this way then go for it.

  3. yolk

    When I was a single parent with my son, we co slept till he was about 7. He did sleep in his cot as a baby etc, but once he came out of the cot we co slept.

    Married now with my daughter who is 3 and we have not done this, the bed is full enough with 2 large adults in it but she comes in for cuddles in the morning.

  4. Peloquin Post author

    My girl is 7 and still sleeps with me. I don’t care, she likes to sleep with me and if that’s what she needs right now, that’s what I’m going to give it to her. She has her own room but likes to be close to me. Not gonna lie. I love it.

  5. Nanny

    My wife is Japanese and in Japanese culture, the entire family cosleeping is the traditional norm. These days the vast majority of kids transition to sleeping in their own rooms at the onset of puberty, at latest (but not always and not all Japanese homes have enough rooms to go around, anyway).

    Our daughter gradually started transitioning to her own bed at 8 years old and stopped cosleeping entirely by 10.
    Our son is 5 and still cosleeping. Doesn’t even have a bed in his room yet.

  6. Liam

    Your first sentence – “It is the best sleep we both get” that tells you enough. You love it, she loves it, why change anything?! You’re her mom and you know best and it sounds like you’re making the right choices for the both of you!

  7. John

    Nah, if it doesn’t bother anybody it’s completely fine IMO.
    It might become an issue if you find a partner soon though, since it will either be uncomfortable when you want some time alone with them (be it sex or even just talking/watching a movie after bed time or even just sleeping).
    And if you make her go to her room THEN, the association with your partner displacing them is kind of ugly, and it’s 2 of you sleeping in one room and she is alone in another one.
    So…. I say it’s totally fine, just be aware of potential complications if the situation changes and weight them in.

  8. Nil

    I was this kid and I slept with my mom regularly up until my second half of high school! I turned out fine and I am able to sleep alone and actually enjoy it! I just felt more comfortable sleeping with my mom because I struggled a lot with panic attacks, but as I approached my later teens, I wanted more privacy and independence so I naturally strayed away from her. I was consistently sleeping in her bed until maybe about freshman/sophomore year of high school. By my junior year, we moved into a new house and I completely stayed in my own bed and room and only slept with her if I was sick or having really bad anxiety that I couldn’t come down from on my own. You are okay 🙂 I am going into my fourth year of University and I turned out completely fine :p


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