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What YOU want

Change is underfoot. For some of us, school is just around the corner. For others, it’s around the corner thats around the corner, that’s behind the other corner. The point is, things are moving forward. Even if your school doesn’t start until September–these are the last days. The last days of summer. Hurray!!!! Wait, am… Read More »


So…we’re moving this week. Every time I say that to myself it feels as if I’m simultaneously punched in the gut while downing a shot of tequila. Painful, invigorating, and a little nausea to boot. I feel that this move is the biggest one of my life thus far. I said that when we moved… Read More »

keep it real

So my pal Natalia from MaNouvelleMode asked me (and several other amazing ladies) to share some tips for the work at home mom. The WAHM. At first I was all, “well shoot, that’s not me.” But then I got to thinking. I’ve been blogging for around four years, but I never considered it my “profession”… Read More »

golden moment

Yesterday I had a golden day. Do you get those? Basically, I just had a really great day with my little dude. But not just “great,” this one was golden. There were many of these days in the past. Chaucer was a cherub baby sent straight from heaven. He made Anne Geddes angel babies look… Read More »

Chaos or Joy?

Bathtub crayons are either the best or worst idea ever. It’s all about your perspective. And the fact that they truly are the best and the worst. Your kids will think of them as an untapped art media chock-full of potential {and so do you–when you buy them}. You may even get some reading done… Read More »

Breaking My Own Rules

The other day we were flipping through channels and happened upon a Jersey-oriented reality show. I don’t know what they call it these days as there are now so many spinoffs revolving around Snooki, The Situation, and a host of other tan, blinged-out, obnoxious individuals from Jersey. This particular one featured a pregnant Snooki looking… Read More »