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What YOU want

Change is underfoot. For some of us, school is just around the corner. For others, it’s around the corner thats around the corner, that’s behind the other corner. The point is, things are moving forward. Even if your school doesn’t start until September–these are the last days. The last days of summer. Hurray!!!! Wait, am… Read More »


When I first started blogging–years ago–I was keenly aware of the smallness of my own voice. I would hit “publish” and send my words off into the vast sea of cyberspace, hoping for a comment or two from Mom and a friend. I was so small. Tiny. Quiet. Who would ever hear me? Today I… Read More »

3 Fabulous Bloggers You Need To Follow

Happy Friday, Guys! Today I will be throwing together the world’s most last minute kids birthday party ever! Woohoo ???? I’m sure there will be some fascinating details to share. But this morning, I wanted to share a few blogs that if you are not already following, you should. Remember  Monday when I promised I would… Read More »

For The First Time Ever

Good Morning, Friends. This week is loaded with firsts. And might I say, some significant firsts. 1.) My kids Halloween costumes will coordinate. This hasn’t happened before, and I doubt it will happen ever again. But this week, for the first time ever, they will. 2.) I will volunteer at a school Halloween party. For… Read More »