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What YOU want

Change is underfoot. For some of us, school is just around the corner. For others, it’s around the corner thats around the corner, that’s behind the other corner. The point is, things are moving forward. Even if your school doesn’t start until September–these are the last days. The last days of summer. Hurray!!!! Wait, am… Read More »

5 Things I’m Proud Of

Linking up today with Moments That Define Life for Listable Life Sometimes I get down on myself for all the things I haven’t done, can’t do, or need to do but don’t really want to do. Does that make sense? The Internet makes it really easy to host a pity party. You get to see all the brilliant things… Read More »

The Best of 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! And, on a more important note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARLING! It’s my husband’s birthday today ???? Isn’t that a cool birthday to have? Everyone always says so. Actually, it’s sometimes a little lousy since everyone is broke by New Years, so I have to confess that I haven’t bought him a birthday present… Read More »

Clearing The Air

I’ve been in a bit of funk. Have you noticed? I’ve limited my appearances to Wordful Wednesdays–which is fine, because I fill them with adorable pictures–but the missing part is my writing. Sigh. I think we all arrive here at one time or another. Writers block. I miss writing. I miss thinking in my writer’s… Read More »

Where I’m From

Hi there. Remember me? I’ve been a little MIA lately–for good reasons that I’ll blog about later. But here’s me breaking the silence. HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I really missed blogging. I don’t know if you missed me. I’m sure your life went on quite fine without me. But I missed you. And I can’t wait to fill… Read More »

Write Your Own Stories

Story time. I feel like this blog has become my place for story time. So maybe I breeze through the Goldilocks thingy with Coco at night. But by golly, when she’s a teenager and wants to be transported back to her two year universe–she’ll know where to go. She can read about how I got… Read More »