Write Your Own Stories

By | July 24, 2011
Write Your Own Stories

Story time.

I feel like this blog has become my place for story time.

So maybe I breeze through the Goldilocks thingy with Coco at night. But by golly, when she’s a teenager and wants to be transported back to her two year universe–she’ll know where to go.

She can read about how I got her to pee in a toilet. And almost lost the little sanity I have left doing it.

She can re-ignite her fear of the Evil Easter Bunny.

She can understand what a torturous little fiend she could be. Or still is, depending…

And maybe she can just remember how much she loved me, how much I loved her, and how much it MEANT when she told me I was her mama. Much much much.

But in case she doesn’t feel the urge to peruse my old blog at age sixteen, I’m gonna go ahead and form a backup plan.

That’s right. I’m talking about a hard copy, baby.

One that will be by her bed. And on the coffee table. And perhaps even in her backpack when she’s being a real turd and needs to be reminded about how wonderful I was am.

Perhaps some memorization will be enforced.

Anyways, does this sound appealing to you? Maybe you have better other intentions, such as recording a special day, writing about that one time at band camp, or rehashing your juicy birth story. You wouldn’t want anyone to forget that the doctor didn’t come in until you “were at a 4” would you?! Heavens no.

So write it down. Bind it up. Slap it on the coffee table for all to see.

You can do all this at Cherish Bound, a really cool site for people that want more than a photo album. It’s for people that want stories. You can sprinkle the photos in too, but it’s really about the content. The meat of the matter.

Cherish Bound is great for people that want to memorialize special events in print. The have really neat programs for learning how to tell stories, and how to get family members to talk and contribute to your book.

Write Your Own Stories

Right now they’re running a special summer program called “All About Me Summer Camp.” You can get a book for $28 and participate in an ecourse that teaches you how to write those stories.

Check it out, ya’ll. It’s a good investment.

3 thoughts on “Write Your Own Stories

  1. hilljean

    Oooo that sounds awesome! I love how they give you a little tutorial on how to write stories because I could definitely use the help!

  2. hilljean

    Very cool idea! I’ve thought about doing this before too, but never have. Thanks for the great idea.


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