Would You Rather Wednesday: Play the game, folks!!!

By | July 27, 2011
Would You Rather Wednesday: Play the game, folks!!!

I have no photos to share on what is usually my Wordful Wednesday. But I do have words to share. And I’ve been toying with the idea of doing Would You Rather Wednesday instead of the photo-based Wordful Wednesday. I don’t know.

With all the foot surgeries I have had, someone always says the inevitable “Well at least it’s not fill-in-the-blank.” Because there’s always another part of the body that would be more painful and more difficult to have surgery upon. And I hate that I just ended in a preposition, but I think I’ll let it slide.

Side note: The people that say “Well at least its not fill-in-the-blank” are part of the special group of people that always have an experience that tops yours. It doesn’t matter if you have a big splinter in your toe right now, they were once impaled with a branch from a RedWood!

So you had a horrible bout of food poisoning that lasted 24 hours? Well! They had food poisoning that lasted 4 days!

Would You Rather Wednesday: Play the game, folks!!!

You know the type.

When you have something go wrong with your feet people usually say something like, “Well at least it’s not your hands! I think it would be so much worse if you couldn’t use your hands. I mean, can you imagine?”

I used to quietly demure and think that maybe they could be right.

When I had both hands operated on people would say, “Well at least it’s not your feet! You of all people know how hard it is to have foot surgery!”

Would You Rather Wednesday: Play the game, folks!!!

I would nod and and half-way agree. In my experience foot surgery is WAY more painful than carpal tunnel surgery, but then again, when you can’t use your hands your day is filled with challenges you’d never even think of!

Several days ago, I got very sick because of the pain. Sometimes pain makes me nauseous and not want to eat. Well, I’m on painkillers that REQUIRE food in the stomach. I tried to eat, but it was just too hard. And then I payed for it.

I let my hubby’s family pay for it with me by puking in front of all of them. That was a bad night. Lots of puke, lots of pain, and a little embarrassment.

In those moments of nausea I thought there was nothing worse than being on the verge of throwing up. I swore I would take anything over that feeling.

Today, I woke up plugged with snot, no voice, and a raging headache. My headache was so bad I thought I would rather have the nausea.

What fickle creatures we are.

Ok, enough whining. I just wanted everyone to know how much I’ve suffered lately. ???? Kind of kidding…Or am I?


So here’s the game. Please play and answer! I want to know what you think.

Would You Rather Wednesday: Play the game, folks!!!

 Would you rather have foot surgery and not be able to walk for 6 weeks, or have both hands out of commission for 4 weeks?

Would you rather be on the verge of throwing up all day and finally puke after about 8 hours of nausea, or have a migraine that lasts for 12 hours?

Would you rather not be able to see for a week or not be able to taste for a week?

Would You Rather Wednesday: Play the game, folks!!!

Would you rather have a natural labor and delivery, or get  a tooth pulled with no medication?

Would you rather be stung by a bee once, or have twenty ant bites?

Would You Rather Wednesday: Play the game, folks!!!

Well now, that was fun wasn’t it??

10 thoughts on “Would You Rather Wednesday: Play the game, folks!!!

  1. hilljean

    Thank you, Jody! I know your family has had their share of foot problems ???? No fun at all. I’m dreading the day I find out that one of my kids has a bunion or something. I’ll know how to take care of them though!

  2. hilljean

    Haha! Well, I know some of our beloved celebrities have gone under the knife more than I have. Of course they walk out with “improved” appearances. One of these days maybe I’ll be wheeled out with bigger boobs. Or not. hahah

  3. hilljean

    I love you Hill! I live with a family of ‘footies’….you know, people who get their ankles cut off, and nicely replaced where they were originally created to be ???? Kidding? No, I wish I was. I have the UTMOST compassion for footies, and can tear up at the news of a ingrown toenail. Handsies, too, run , well, they don’t really run, but they spring up within the deep shade of our family tree, and my compassion stretches to them as well. It sucks, to put it softly, and I have cried much for their pain. Again, I love you, and your spirit from God, and your spunky grab at the ring of LIFE, even when it hurts your stitch-ed hand.

  4. www.autoclipping.com.br

    I liked the article, Ill be back to read more of your blog later =)

  5. hilljean

    Yah, but there would be no pleasure in eating, and you wouldn’t know if you had any food in your teeth.

  6. hilljean

    Is there an option C? Hang in there girl, none of it is fun and surgery and its complications is something about which you are obviously the biggest expert in most rooms. *HUGS*

  7. hilljean

    Your blog really puts things into perspective! I’m so sorry you’ve had so much pain lately. We’ll be praying for you.
    Love, the Moors

  8. hilljean

    Not see or taste….none of those are “painful” just a pain in the rear. Love you Hill, you’ve never had it easy but you are so strong in the midst of it all, even in your weakest moments. You are awesome! Ok i’m teary now. love.

  9. hilljean

    Thank you, Jody! I know your family has had their share of foot problems ???? No fun at all.


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