Hilljean’s Fascinating Friday : 7/29/2011

By | July 29, 2011
Hilljean's Fascinating Friday : 7/29/2011

So…Did you notice how last Friday I didn’t post anything? I’m off the hook, right? I doubt more than four of you noticed. If even that many.

Anyways, this week I have a few things worthy of your time. (Not that I didn’t last week–I was just too out of it.)

First off, I’ve been experiencing a lot of photography envy lately. If I spend too much time on Pinterest I deal with all types of envy, but probably the worst culprit for me is photography.

Actually, I wouldn’t call it pure envy. There’s a whole bunch of admiration, awe, excitement, and even  joy at seeing a beautiful picture. At least that’s my reaction to great photography, art, music, crafts, babies, good books, and sometimes chocolate.

God is a creative being and I think we’re made to reflect that. So I really appreciate when creativity is superb.

But then sometimes I get a little envious at not being able to reproduce that kind of beauty. Not in the baby department, of course. I’m a leader in that field. Have you seen my kids? ???? Proud mommy moment.


Ok, enough confession (and bragging). HERE are some fantastic photos for you to drool over.

Hilljean's Fascinating Friday : 7/29/2011
Go HERE to see the rest of Amelia Lyon’s stuff. Ah mazing.
Hilljean's Fascinating Friday : 7/29/2011
Amelia Lyon
Hilljean's Fascinating Friday : 7/29/2011
This is picture that an old friend from high school took of her son and her niece at a wedding.

Night photography is so dang cool. I love the flash bursts and light clouds, don’t you?


Now here’s a constructive little read for you. This article is mostly geared towards parenting, but I think it works for anybody. It covers some of the many benefits of writing. It got my wheels turning for the education of my little guys.

Hilljean's Fascinating Friday : 7/29/2011

I don’t plan on homeschooling, but I do want to foster a real love for reading and writing in my children. Those are two of my greatest joys and I know there are some practical ways to facilitate that kind of passion. Even though Coco isn’t really close to the reading stage, it’s always good to think ahead. Maybe some of you mommas with older kids will benefit from it! (Also the Lady Bloggers Society is a really good resource if you want to learn more about blogging and/or writing.)

Come on! Read it! Reasons To Write At Home


On to fashion! Have you noticed I’ve gotten a lot more opinionated about fashion lately? Glad ya’ll can’t see me now in my wife-beater and Christmas pajama bottoms.

Ok, so The Little Hen House is one of those blogs that is just really fun to read. And, she and I are of the same mind on bad fashion. Remember how I discussed the awful return of 80s/90s fashion?

You know? The crop top? Yah, well, Mama Hen talks about some of the other 90s trends that are back to torture us. I swear, if I see ANYONE in one of those bathing suits I will promptly crutch them over to the bathroom and plaster sunblock and paper towels around them until they are sufficiently covered. THAT’S how much I care.

Hilljean's Fascinating Friday : 7/29/2011
Curtesy of The Little Hen House

Why is this happening again??


Moving on to the yum category. I really like Chef In Training and since I found her through Money Saving Mom I know she’s just got it all together. It is one of my goals to submit some tip or story and get the whole Money Saving community excited about one of their kind.

Then they’ll come to my blog and be alarmed at how untogether everything is over here ???? Muahah.

Anyways, just look at what Nikki (the chef that’s in training) came up with!

Hilljean's Fascinating Friday : 7/29/2011
Hey Nikki, looks like your training is paying off. Yum!
And for a desert of Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes head over to Landee See, Landee Do and learn how to see and do.
Hilljean's Fascinating Friday : 7/29/2011
Landee see Yum, Landee do Yum
Lastly, I must share my personal favorite photo of the week with you all. Cbud and I eating in our “high chairs” together. I got a lot of gooey stuff on that side of my face, but it was fun for him and I to hang out in our own little space.
Hilljean's Fascinating Friday : 7/29/2011
Well, that’s all I have for you today! If you want something featured next friday let me know! Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Cheers.

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  1. hilljean

    I wish I could take credit for it. It’s truly beautiful! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. hilljean

    Haha! I just know those pictures will forever haunt me. I am NOT made to wear that look. At all. But I guess that was my point.

  3. hilljean

    Great link on writing, definitely agree. And I love the high chair pic, so cute.

  4. hilljean

    LOVE that photo of the kids at the wedding. So glad I found you from LBS! Have a great weekend ????


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