The Best of 2011

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! And, on a more important note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARLING!

It’s my husband’s birthday today ???? Isn’t that a cool birthday to have? Everyone always says so.

Actually, it’s sometimes a little lousy since everyone is broke by New Years, so I have to confess that I haven’t bought him a birthday present in years.

Fortunately, for me, he’s about as chill as they come so he is never bothered by it. As long as he has his Funfetti cake he’s a happy camper.

Back off, ladies. He’s all mine.

Anyways, today, in honor of the New Year, er, and Matt’s birthday, I wanted to share my favorite posts of 2011.

I don’t expect them to all get read, but feel free to browse the creme of the crop a la blog.

Here are the highlights:

Presents or Presence?

Again, Happy New Year! Thank you so much for following along with this here blog. I love you all. Here’s hoping for a great 2012! (And remember, according to the Mayan Calendar, we’re done after this. So enjoy it.)

4 thoughts on “The Best of 2011

  1. hilljean

    The “Dressing like a Diva” post was definitely my favorite of 2011 and I’m glad it was included in the highlight reel!! Love you!

  2. hilljean

    How fun! I re-read several of the blog posts and found one I had somehow missed – the crazy coupon one! Needless to say I laughed and laughed at your coupon experience. Too funny and you describe it so well. Great job!


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