Clearing The Air

By | November 29, 2011
Clearing The Air

I’ve been in a bit of funk. Have you noticed? I’ve limited my appearances to Wordful Wednesdays–which is fine, because I fill them with adorable pictures–but the missing part is my writing.


I think we all arrive here at one time or another. Writers block.

I miss writing. I miss thinking in my writer’s voice. Now the only voice I hear is the non-creative one. The one that tells me to do the dishes and stop contemplating a leaf.

I’ve tried everything: writers prompts, wine, staying up late–nothing is working. So now I’m trying confession.

Maybe if I clear the air I’ll get my groove back…? If nothing else it will explain why I’ve been such a lousy blogger/writer lately.

My apologies.

But then again, do you miss me? What do you miss? What do I write about??! Can’t you see I’m dying over here?


Ok, it’s done. I’ve gotten that off my chest–now let’s see what happens next.

5 thoughts on “Clearing The Air

  1. hilljean

    I’ve felt dry about writing for awhile now too. That’s why my blog is usually just snapshots ???? But, I really keep it as my own family journal and photo place anyways. I know for me, I just get so worn out during the day from my four kids that I’d rather go to bed most nights than write.

  2. hilljean

    I think I have had a block for about a year now!!!! What gets me back into the swing is reading other blogs and taking part in a couple of whatchyacallits… you know memes. Especially if there’s a theme I can get into. You will be fine, just take a break and come back when you’re excited about it again… it’s a hobby not a chore!!!

  3. hilljean

    yes you are missed. I have told you this many a times but I look forward to reading your blogs, word full Wednesday and fascinating Friday’s are my weeks highlights:) You could write about doing the dishes and watching the kids and it would be entertaining because you are that good of a writer. It isn’t so much the subject matter that makes me intrigued with your blog (or that you are my BFF) but its that you can take some ordinary task or subject and make it interesting and funny. Don’t give up:)

  4. hilljean

    I think we all hit dry spells. There are no rules to blogging – I only write when I want to, not because I feel that I should.


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