What Chaucer Did Today. Just. Today.

By | June 3, 2012

Today Chaucer…

1. Jumped from a chair and landed face-first in the kiddie pool.

2. Played tag with 6 year old boys.

What Chaucer Did Today. Just. Today.

3. Was put in time out 5 times.

4. Grabbed a steak knife off of the counter (I thought it was out of reach).

5. Pushed our coffee table around the living room.

6. Chased some ducks. One of these days I expect him to drag one to the front door and leave it on the mat for me.

7. Pulled out an entire clump of moss from my backyard and brought it inside–dropping dirt all over my carpet.

What Chaucer Did Today. Just. Today.

8. Drank water from the toilet.

9. Took his diaper off about a dozen times.

10. Climbed onto an adult-sized bicycle and hung out up there for a while.

11. Figured out the lock on the fridge. Curses.

12. Walked around with a battery in his mouth until I discovered it. Someday I expect a surgeon will fish all kinds of objects out of his intestines.

13. Said “Dat’s Owwsome!”

What Chaucer Did Today. Just. Today.

I’m exhausted.

5 thoughts on “What Chaucer Did Today. Just. Today.

  1. golden moment

    […] then he got wild. Not just toddler wild, but straight up give-Tarzan-a-Redbull-and-let-him-drive-a-tractor-through-New York City-wild.  If you’ve spent any length of time with him you will agree. My child is so wild that I am […]

  2. hilljean

    Thank you Hillary for making me laugh. I know I can count on you when I need a good one! Keep writing girlie! You’ve got the gift like my Jonathon~ I love you.

  3. hilljean

    Oh my….You need a break….I’ll gladly provide :)))….love ya Mimi

  4. Mimi

    So Stinkin Cute!!!!! I remember all of those stories….

    Love him???his green shoes???and his adorable



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