When Someone Calls Your Kid Fat…

By | January 24, 2011
When Someone Calls Your Kid Fat...
You punch them in the face.

You say something smart like, “They might be fat now, but you’ll always be ugly.”

You find their longest nose hair and yank it.

You hire a gangsta to fill-in-the-blank.

Or you laugh it off.

Then get irritated.

And then blog about it.


Now I have your attention, don’t I?


So the other day I took Chauceman to the doctor for his 4 month checkup. The boy is a stud: weighs 17 pounds and is 25 1/2 inches long. While this is a beastly weight, his doctor told me it’s fine considering his birth weight and that he’s not overweight at all.

I just make milk for champions is all.

He rolls over both ways, holds his head up like a pro, and will be able to sit up by himself in no time. My only concern (besides excessive spit-up) with him is um, in his um, nether region.

This is awkward.

He was circumcised at like 2 weeks and I’ve been concerned because it doesn’t look circumcised at all. So I asked his pediatrician, who I love by the way, and she said she’d bring in another doctor who does lots of procedures to give his opinion.

Enter constipated meanie doctor man.

So he takes a look, pushes around a bit, and then gives his diagnosis:

“He’s just fat.”

Here I just laughed. I mean, I agree that he’s chubby and I think its adorable. In fact, I’ve called him fat before. But I say it in love.

“Yah, he’s just a big fatso.”

Hmm, not very professional phrasing there, doc.

“Yah, I see this all the time on big fat guys. You know, when you’re real fat…” and then it got more awkward as he explained the anatomy of obese men.

By the way, what business does a pediatrician have looking at obese male genitalia? Is that a hobby of his or something?

“He’ll probably just be a fatty ’til he’s like 3 and then he’ll look normal.”

I don’t like you at all, sir.

And then, after he looked me in the eyes and talked a little more than was necessary about male parts and accessories, he left.

Good riddance, tight-butted weirdo.

After he left, my sweet doctor (who is like 7 months pregnant with her second child) told me that her two year old son had the same problem, but she wanted me to be assured by another doctor. Thanks for that, but maybe next time you should pick a different guy to uh, “reassure” me.

Now, in case you’re wondering if you’ve ever offended me, or other moms, know this:

You may use the words “fat,” “chubby,” and “cherubic” all in the same tone of voice with me and I’ll be fine as long as it’s said endearingly.

When Someone Calls Your Kid Fat...

I love his chins.I absolutely love my little chumba wumba beef boy.

His Michelin Man arms.

And especially his juicy thighs.

But if you want to lump all this deliciousness in with the large percentage of obese America, I have a problem.

When Someone Calls Your Kid Fat...
Call my kid “fatso” and I’ll rip you a new one. Got it?And don’t ever look me in the eyes and say “penis.” It’s just too awkward for words.

When Someone Calls Your Kid Fat...
Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger.

12 thoughts on “When Someone Calls Your Kid Fat…

  1. Mimi

    Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tight butt CONSTIPATED DR….
    Take that!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM MIMI……
    Hes’s the most adoreable BABY EVER!!!!!!!

  2. hilljean

    Thanks guys, I wasn’t horribly worried. But I was extremely irritated with said doctor. What a punk, huh? My little chubber is adorable as heck and I love his rolls!

  3. The Posh Event

    He is so darn cute!! My daughter had the biggest cheeks and was quite the chubby while breast feeding. But she was born at 9lbs 1oz and was 95th percentile for her weight and height. Now she is almost 3 still 95th percentile but has completely thinned out now. Your little one looks great and will look great. Some doctors just don’t have good bedside manners.

  4. Ali

    BAAHAHAHAHAHAHA BBBAAAHAHAHAHAHA this is hilarious! What an awkward moment!!!! Oh my goodness! Thanks for the awesome laugh! Boston had the same thing going on as a baby but he’s all good now ???? Fat Babies are well loved and well taken care of!!

  5. Margo

    Well, at least it provides great blog material!
    That aside,he is too cute for words… and as the parent of several chubby, pudgy, perfect babies…and the Nama of several more – I couldn’t agree more!

  6. hilljean

    I can not stop laughing at how hilarious this blog is. I accidently woke my husband up b/c I was laughing out loud. We have a 14 month old and I’m 8 months prego w/#2. I can totally relate. Good stuff.

  7. DIAPERS in the DESERT

    hahaha… That was funny. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last pic and caption. He is ADORABLE!! I bet the doctor was insecure about his OWN nether regions and asked his obese friends if it was normal… of course all the pissing contests men get into…would eventually lead to them ALL showing each other their JUNK! Sooo… being that he is a pediatrician he probably hasn’t “professionally” seen adult male genitalia and really was just prolly projecting his OWN personal problems onto your lil one with his attitude… For the record CHUBBY BABIES ARE THE BEST KIND!!

  8. Amber Kanallakan

    Proof of my pregnancy is found in my three emotional responses to this post:

  9. Stacy of KSW

    You are hilarious! I could almost picture myself in the room as this conversation was happening. You know come to think of it, I have yet to run in to a normal male pediatrician. They’re all “off” in one way or another …

  10. Mariah

    OMG!!! The same thing happened to me when Naomi was 4 months!!!!! I never went back to that Dr. Okay, so there were other reasons too, but I still didn’t like her after that. ;^)


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