22 Things I Have Never Done

By | October 20, 2011

Everyone’s doing this today. Mama Kat released this prompt and got us all thinking. Not wanting to be left out, I joined the fun. Here’s my list of things I’ve never done.

I’m 26 years old and I have never:

1.) Been to Middle Earth.

2.) Used contacts.

3.) Worn stilettos.

22 Things I Have Never Done

4.) Eaten cow tongue.

5.) Kissed a stranger.

6.) Been a witch for Halloween.

22 Things I Have Never Done

7.) Seen Boston in the Fall.

8.) Planted tulips.

9.) Made cinnamon rolls from scratch.

10.) Worn Prada.

11.) Been on a bicycle built for two.

22 Things I Have Never Done

12.) Liked Big Bird.

13.) Killed an animal…not on my list of things to do, by the way.

14.) Had a MAC artist cake up my face.

15.) Liked the smell of Sweet Pea from Bath an Body Works.

22 Things I Have Never Done

16.) Eaten eel. Say that 10 times as fast as you can.

17.) Had a surprise party…hint hint.

22 Things I Have Never Done

18.) Wanted a McRib.

19.) Been off Diet Coke for more than a few months :/

20.) Sang in public.

21.) Learned to knit.

22.) Written a list like this before.

Welp, guess I better get busy.

19 thoughts on “22 Things I Have Never Done

  1. hilljean

    Yuck. That Sweet Pea stuff is so cloyingly sweet. Gags me! Get your toes into some stilettos though. Just once.

  2. hilljean

    I bet there are thousands like us: McRib haters to the Max! And also the fish sandwich thingy. No one should eat fish from McDonalds.

  3. hilljean

    I WILL make cinnamon rolls. Soon! I will never wear stilettos. Nine foot surgeries will do that to you. And…I’m shy. Karoake would require lots of alcohol ????

  4. hilljean

    The cinnamon rolls from scratch thing…my grandma would be so disappointed but that shit is hard!

  5. hilljean

    Stilettos are the reason most old ladies have bunions. And I’ve already had a bunion surgery, so I don’t want it again. But they do make for some sexy legs, I will say that.

  6. hilljean

    This is so fun I had to do it myself! Thanks for the awesome idea ????

  7. hilljean

    Your fantastically funny. Please keep posting more lists like this. It’s inspired me to write one ????

  8. hilljean

    haha! Big Bird is so creepy! The only Seseme Street dudes I like are Oscar and Grover. Elmo and B Bird are way overrated.

  9. hilljean

    Great list! And I’m so glad I’m not the only one who dislikes the smell of Sweet Pea.

  10. hilljean

    I don’t think my toes would ever forgive me. I’ve had nine foot surgeries. There are reasons I’ve never worn the things…I wish I could though, believe me! They are an instant figure fixer!

  11. hilljean

    Stillettos are always a good idea but I’d skip the make-up caking ????

  12. hilljean

    Your blog is so cool. I love the lists. It is so much fun, to think of.

  13. hilljean

    My toes would hate me. Like hate me so much I’d be off to the podiatrist for my 10th foot surgery. That’s the reason. I will always wonder what it would be like to wear stilettos…I will never wonder what it’s like to eat a McRib.

  14. hilljean

    Aw thank you. Yah, you’re the only one that thinks I’ve saved myself by not wearing stilettos. I have had nine foot surgeries so I will NEVER wear them. Come by any time and thanks for the sweet words ????

  15. hilljean

    Well, I can honestly say it seems like you have saved yourself some pain: no stilettos? Oh! Your feet are thanking you! And no Prada? I am sure that your purse thanks you too! I’m a little scared of the MAC make-up artists myself (a little too much ‘rude if you get my meaning.) Love your list and the pics that you selected! Can’t wait to read more of your quirky and cynical postings! ????


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