Wordful Wednesday: My Children Are Brilliant.

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I wish I could be a kid again. A little kid that sees everything in life as spectacular.

There would be moments of seriousness, of course.

Sometimes it would be difficult to understand.

But then there would be the adventure.

THE adventure of just running.

Of climbing a tree.

Or finding a portal to another world…a wardrobe? I wish.

I would make things.

I would appreciate my sand cupcakes more than a Botticelli. Because, of course, I wouldn’t know who Botticelli was.

The point is, it would be wonderful. And I would be brilliant at being a child again. I know this, because my kids are pretty much brilliant at being children.

The end.

8 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday: My Children Are Brilliant.

  1. hilljean

    I instantly relaxed looking over this account of an afternoon. So wonderful to be a kid again, for at least 45 seconds. ????

  2. hilljean

    Kids are brilliant aren’t they??? love your pictures… just perfect!

  3. hilljean

    You seriously have the most beautiful children! Loved these photos.

  4. hilljean

    Hi! New follower here, Looking forward to reading your blogs in the future.


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