Anddddd……We’re back.

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“Back to the old drawing board!” said in my best Wile E Coyote voice.

Vacation is over. We are back in the full swing of life in Davis, complete with backed up laundry, the good ol’ playground, and yes, plenty of dishes. Sigh.

Christmas break was fantastic! I absorbed every ounce of freedom that staying with family allowed: pawning Coco off on eager family members (although their enthusiasm waned a bit after about three consecutive days of the little miss), having other people lug Brick Boy Chauceman around for me. Mooching off their food, free babysitting, dates with my long-lost-Ph.D-pursuing hubby, going out at night with Sis and Ish and being in the loop with wedding plans (holla!), eating Kirsty’s magnificent baked goods (slurp), seeing a newly pregnant Amber and a very pregnant Em, hugging my sweet friend Cara, getting to see all my friends wear goofy clothes at the Tacky Christmas party, going on a fun photo shoot with Joe and Candace, remembering an old friend, watching Jane Powell movies (mostly consisting of her angst about not wearing underwear…Wha???), having Coco wake up every night at about 2 am and trying to have all four of us in the same bed and eventually kicking Matt out (that was way too much info), and pretty much just being with friends and family. Moving away has definitely been one of the hardest things for us, but I have to say that it makes time with loved ones all the more special.
 Here are some of my favorite pictures from our break:
Santa, er–Mr. Elf, please bring me a nanny. Thanks.
Coco making cupcakes with Mimi
(Mariachi music playing) Feliz Cupleanos Matty!
Really wish this guy would’ve been early ????
Sweet friends
The Hayes Cousins! There really isn’t a reason why Chauce has no clothes on.
Tehachapi really has some of the prettiest views. This was taken from the top of a mountain.
Santa Monica has some sweet views too.
How much dorkier can we make these sweater vests?
Melt my heart, why dont you???!
And melt Cara’s heart while you’re at it!
Coco manipulating AJ into watching Tarzan “You’ll be in my heart” for the millionth time.
Sis’s magic touch with Chauceman. Woohoo! She got him to sleep. Happy Mama.
And now for my very favorite Christmas photo:
This is the picture that encapsulates my life right now: Chaucer in a bib, me in jammies, one solitary nail painted (red–for adventure’s sake), the rest unpainted for time’s sake, frantic look on my face…let me guess, Coco’s pooping her panties…

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