My Totally Awesome Birthday

By | December 8, 2010

My Birthday. It was December 3rd. 1984. Which means I am 26 years old.

After giving birth twice, I am more convinced than ever that birthdays should be celebrating the MOM and not the kid. Kids get Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Grandparents. That’s more than enough opportunity for them to be spoiled and self-centered.

Moms, on the other hand, get one measly day. Just one. Mother’s Day. And that’s the day we think about how awesome our moms are for all they do, yada yada yada. That’s a good day. But you know what? We don’t stop very often and contemplate what it took to get us into this world. It took a MOM! And unless she got an epidural at the first contraction–it HURT! [And that’s not even counting all the recovery. Can I get an amen?]

I think that each child’s day of birth should be celebrated as the mom’s birthday. What do you think?

Ok, before I swear off everyone else’s birthday except my own (and other moms) I will give you the downlow on my birthday. Or, the day MY mom popped me out. Gracias, Mama. As my Dad always reminds me (particularly on my birthday) I came out in a gush of water and was Mom’s easiest birth. Nonetheless, I’m sure I did a doozy on poor Mom–a mother of two toddler boys at the time.

There wasn’t a whole lot of anticipation about presents, because I got them all before my birthday. But they were all AWESOME presents!

My sweet hubby did something so thoughtful it knocked my socks off. He ordered (without any hints on my part) the Pioneer Woman Cookbook. Now before you think that Matt’s the kind of guy that wants me barefoot in the kitchen all day, you must hear me out. He knows that I love the Pioneer Woman. Idolize her. Wish I was her. Ok, this is getting creepy. Anyways, he knows how much I love reading her blog and making her recipes and he ordered it for me. I love him! He also got me an awesome scarf from Urban Outfitters–one that I had my eye on while we were hanging out in SLO. Good job, babe.

My Totally Awesome Birthday
I’m gonna get so fat.

My parents had given me some money for shopping and I got a weather-proof coat (an absolute must for living here) and wasn’t sure what I would do with the rest of it. Until I meandered out of the Davis thrift store. Holy Moses. I fell in love with my second piece of furniture (the first episode of this type of infatuation occurred with my beloved couch).

Here’s why I fell in love:

When I was a kid I read these books about a girl named Betsy who grew up at the turn of the century. As Betsy grew up, I grew up. And in many ways, I related to her life and personality. She was imaginative, a brunette, and loved to write. She also ended up marrying her high school sweetheart…who was a book nerd.

My Totally Awesome Birthday

 Anyways, she had this old trunk that she used as a desk and I would just long for a trunk like Betsy’s. To this day, an old trunk has been on my list of things I have always wanted.

Well, my soul mate was waiting for me outside the thrift store. Not Matt. The trunk. It looked old, traveled, and full of stories. It was $50. I looked a little closer and saw that it was made in 1900.

Betsy’s trunk!!!!

I immediately marched, or I should say plowed, with my double stroller back into the store and bought the thing with my birthday money. I kept looking around all sneaky-like because I was sure some antique guru would come in and snag it away from me. I haven’t ever stolen anything, but as I bought that trunk I had this sensation that I was taking something for nothing.


My Totally Awesome Birthday

Don’t worry. I’m not going to become a shoplifter. Although my daughter is definitely one. The other day we walked into two stores before I realized that Coco had swiped a reindeer stuffed animal in Hallmark. Gulp. A two year old thief. These are things they don’t warn you about when you become a mother.

Anyways—–back to my birthday. The Pioneer Woman, the trunk, AND dinner (courtesy of my sweet parents-in-law) made my birthday awesome. We went to Cheesecake Factory which has become a tradition of three years running so far. Coco was actually well-behaved. Angels we have heard on high.

My birthday week was also made awesomer by my sweet cousin coming to visit. She flew all the way from Texas just to chill with us and participate in the every day humdrum thrilling Leonard life. Cosette was intoxicated with Aunt Karee’s attention, and made it quite clear that Aunt Karee would do everything for her, including wiping her butt. It’s like the ultimate compliment if Coco insists that you accompany her to the bathroom. You attain mom-status, and I am happily demoted to second fiddle.

We had so much fun with Karee and really appreciated the quality time we got with her. We enjoyed lots of coffee, Trader Joe’s peppermint oreos, and late-night talks. I love you, Karee!

My Totally Awesome Birthday
My Totally Awesome Birthday
My Totally Awesome Birthday

Anyways, my birthday week was terrific. It’s always fun to kick off the holidays with my own birthday ???? Next up, our anniversary! More to come…

4 thoughts on “My Totally Awesome Birthday

  1. hilljean

    Glad you guys had such a great time…I’ll try to make it next time and provide Matt with a little company. Although…with two beautiful women on hand, it doesn’t seem that he made out too badly. :>)

  2. Karee Lyn

    Every moment was priceless and I would not trade it for the world. I love you too!

  3. Steve

    Glad you guys had such a great time…I’ll try to make it next time and provide Matt with a little company. Although…with two beautiful women on hand, it doesn’t seem that he made out too badly. :>)


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