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Lying About Santa

Hi guys! Today I have a special treat for you! My friend, Adrienne from The Mommy Mess is here today! A while back I was over at her place making a huge mess talking about the time our toilet and bathtub exploded with a poop volcano, and my ceiling fell in and everything on my… Read More »

Where I’m From

Hi there. Remember me? I’ve been a little MIA lately–for good reasons that I’ll blog about later. But here’s me breaking the silence. HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I really missed blogging. I don’t know if you missed me. I’m sure your life went on quite fine without me. But I missed you. And I can’t wait to fill… Read More »

Hiatal Herniated Blog

Hiatus. I do not like that word. It reminds me of Hiatal Hernia, which sounds gross. Nevertheless, it is the appropriate word for the moment, as I am going to be taking a “hiatus” from blog posting. I thought it would be good to inform you, my readers, that I’m not walking away from the… Read More »

Cheap Pleasures: Why I Love Coffee

So…if you follow my blog in any way, you know my Thrifty Thursdays are sporadic, to say the least. Gee. I wonder why. Perhaps because of the entrance of a certain little someone called the Chauceman? Yes, I think so. It’s amazing what two chillens will do to the brain. They suck me dry. Life… Read More »

The Deportation Story

Well, in just a few short days, Matt and I will move into our new apartment in Davis. I cannot help but be super nostalgic–maybe superstitious would be a better word— and remember two years ago we were boarding a plane to London, England, getting ready to start a “new life” there. Yep, I feel… Read More »