Cheap Pleasures: Why I Love Coffee

By | November 18, 2010

So…if you follow my blog in any way, you know my Thrifty Thursdays are sporadic, to say the least. Gee. I wonder why. Perhaps because of the entrance of a certain little someone called the Chauceman? Yes, I think so. It’s amazing what two chillens will do to the brain. They suck me dry.

Life is crazy right now, and I am operating on very little sleep. Sometimes I wonder how the heck I am still able to perform basic tasks. Would you like to know how I do?


Gosh, I wish! Wait, wasn’t that just alcohol? hmmmm.

Cheap Pleasures: Why I Love Coffee
I make this face when I drink cough syrup. Yuck.

No, actually, what I meant to say was coffee. Not the stuff Lucy drinks, just to be clear, we are talking about me again.

And because I’m so dependent on in love with the stuff, I thought I would compose a simple list on why I love it. If I had more sleep I would write an ode, but we’ll just settle for this list, k?’

Cheap Pleasures: Why I Love Coffee

Why Do I Drink Coffee?

1.) As a vampire is to blood, so Hillary is to coffee. I consider it my life source. But because this is a list, I will give you 9 more reasons.

2.) It tastes delicious. Especially when paired with heavy cream. Those wacko kooks out there that do not like the taste of coffee–you just have immature tastebuds. I recommend you “coffee-train” yourself and grow up (this process is like potty training, but less messy, I presume). This should also be done with wine, as both are acquired tastes (and wine is a whole other topic, let me just say!). Trust me. You will not regret your decision. You will not look back. You will embrace the creamy, spunky, yet homey flavor. Ahhhh.


3.) It empowers me. Truly. I got hooked when I was a senior in high school. It was a bad year for me–or maybe I should just say “hard” year, since good things came out of it (like my hubster!). Suffice it to say, I had to wear a uniform everyday and I had acne. Could there be a more horrible combination? Coffee was there for me. My sweet Mama (God BLESS her) would bring it to me in the morning, and it was the only thing that got me out of bed. Seriously. I would sip that deliciousness, read my Bible, and get totally revved up for that blasted uniform. The acne was still there, but at least I felt buzzed. Holler.

4.) Its scent. Now admit it, even if you don’t like coffee, you at least like the scent of it, right??! It’s amaaaaaazing! And the best part is, its packed with nostalgia. I think scents are the most wonderful way  to get nostalgic.

When I smell coffee, its like I zoom backwards in time and relive so many wonderful memories. I think of my Mom and Dad, of course, who are also coffee vampires and literally have it morning, noon, and night, going to Gloria Jeans with my Aunt Gloria and Karee when I was a little girl and thinking that the store was LITERALLY named for my Aunt Gloria (whose name is Gloria Jean, so that’s not entirely far-fetched), having Folgers when I dated Matt (Leann always brewed a mean cup of Folgers–which I will only drink if she makes it), being a college student (duh…who doesn’t remember all nighters when they drink coffee?), being a newly wed–scratch that–just being married to Matt in general, and so many other wonderful times. Coffee=nostalgia. Nostalgia=sweetness. So every time I drink it, I get this boost of sweet memories, don’t you?

[Side note: if I were to blog about Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte or Coffee Mate’s Peppermint Mocha Creamer–I would probably have a conniption fit. Don’t you just go crazy when Starbucks releases the red cups??].

Cheap Pleasures: Why I Love Coffee

5.) Coffee is timeless. When you are in the grips of crazy life–coffee roots you. I know, I know. That sounds kinda cheesy. But think about it. It’s dependable (unless you unwittingly walk into a 7-11 and expect it to taste like Mom’s coffee). You know it will give you a little oomph (unless its decaf). You know it will be warm (it better or there will be blood). You know it will taste divine (or else!). Right?

6.) It’s good for you. I’m not going to try and research the particular links that prove this. This is another no brainer for me. And smarter people than I have proven that a bit of coffee a day will blah blah blah make you smarter. I’m living proof. If I didn’t consume coffee on a regular basis I would probably revert to my childhood habit of thumb sucking.

7.) It makes up for lost hours. Can I get an amen? Nursing mamas–college students–people that watch QVC at 3 am–we all need our coffee to make up for whatever foolishness (or responsibility, I suppose) that we engaged in the night prior.

Cheap Pleasures: Why I Love Coffee
I have this quote on a dishtowel. Gets me every time ????

8.) It has gotten me through school. And I mean that…Especially Botany 101, aka, my version of hell.

9.) It’s cheap. Even though I really only buy Duncan Donuts and Seattles Best, per cup it’s a pretty cheap pleasure. Yay for poor folk!

10.) It’s calorie-free. Hallelujah…unless you use heavy cream, that is.

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4 thoughts on “Cheap Pleasures: Why I Love Coffee

  1. Heligirl

    You got me at Pumpkin Spice Latte. I need to take out a second mortgage with the money I spend on those puppies. My hording instincts kick in. They could go away at any moment.

  2. faithfitnessfun

    I LOVE coffee too. The smell, taste, everything. I will be very dependent on it once again in just a couple short months when my 2nd comes along. Eep!

  3. hilljean

    The holidays really begin when Starbucks releases those red cups and holiday flavors! And I think we are even more obsessed with them because we know they wont be around for long–ah Starbucks, thanks for the manipulation of both my tastebuds and my wallet ????


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