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By | March 9, 2011


I do not like that word. It reminds me of Hiatal Hernia, which sounds gross.

Nevertheless, it is the appropriate word for the moment, as I am going to be taking a “hiatus” from blog posting. I thought it would be good to inform you, my readers, that I’m not walking away from the blog or even tired of writing. There are many blog deaths out there and I’m sure the reasons are diverse. Therefore, I wanted to clarify to you that this blog is still alive and jiving as my brain will not shut up until I write something.

However…..my hands will not let me do it ????

Long story short, I’ve developed a horrendous case of carpal tunnel in both hands. And while many of you would think, duh, you write all the time because you’re full of yourself you’re life is fascinating, the answer is actually no, typing has nothing to do with it. This lovely little issue arose out of the blue around Christmas and has progressed to be surprisingly awful in a very short amount of time. A nerve test last Friday revealed some significant damage, and after doing a follow-up visit with a hand specialist, we decided to act quickly.

And when I say quick I mean QUICK.

As in, I went to the doctor yesterday (Tuesday) and they scheduled me for surgery today (Wednesday).

So yah.


The other surgery will follow in about a month, and as many people have already asked, “why don’t they do them at the same time?” I will give you the crude answer that’s staring you right in the face but you haven’t figured out yet:

It has to do with me, Matt, and toilet paper. We’re not there yet in our relationship and Lord willing will never be.

Aren’t you glad I spelled that out for you?

And I bet I will sneak my left hand in a blog post or two, short ones mind you, loaded with lots and lots of vicodin, but I will pretty much be out of commission for a while.

Did I mention this sucks?

I will really miss writing–it’s so fun for me and allows me to sort through some sometimes difficult things with laughter and joy. And all of you readers make it so rewarding for me. I love hearing you respond and give you guys a good laugh every once in a while. And don’t worry, I’m not getting too big for my britches by assuming I have this extensive readership. I write for you, Mom. For you, Dad. And for my dear parents-in-law. For my sisters, my Aunt, my friends, and most importantly, my children. Cause this is our life and I am absolutely obsessed with keeping track of the crazy, precious, hilarious moments that fill up our days.


Hmm. Maybe I could dictate to Matt.

I could foresee some problems with all the stuff I say about him. He’d do some major editing, I’m sure.

Ok. Enough enough. I’ll be back with a bang, don’t you worry. And if you think about it–send some prayers our way. We’ve had to wrap up breastfeeding on very short notice, and are facing some challenging weeks ahead as this mama’s hands will be even more useless than they already are right now.

Ok. To bed. I’m all keyed up for surgery and that’s why I wrote this at 1:00 AM. Eeeeek.

Love to you all!

Hiatal Herniated Blog

4 thoughts on “Hiatal Herniated Blog

  1. acuriousblue

    Hope you feel better, Hil!!!!! And I was gonna say, you could always call and dictate your awesomeness… Incidentally, I’m pretty sure I’m developing CTS as well… stupid piano playing. Take care and heal quickly!

  2. Emily

    Love you my dear friend. Praying for a quick recovery and healed hands!


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