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Breaking My Own Rules

The other day we were flipping through channels and happened upon a Jersey-oriented reality show. I don’t know what they call it these days as there are now so many spinoffs revolving around Snooki, The Situation, and a host of other tan, blinged-out, obnoxious individuals from Jersey. This particular one featured a pregnant Snooki looking… Read More »

Wordful Wednesday: Chaucer, but not Geoffrey.

People might have raised their eyebrows when we named our son Chaucer. But I guess after Cosette everyone kind of expected something of the literary, nerdy nature from this mother. We certainly couldn’t go with philosopher names. Matt offered “Gödel” (pronounced “Girdle”) but we didn’t go with that. For obvious reasons.  I am so glad… Read More »

Chaucer’s Birth Story

Well, it’s been long enough. It’s time to document the birth story. I find myself really regretting not writing Coco’s down beforehand, because I think that in order to appreciate Chaucer’s entrance into the world you would have to know Coco’s story. That being said, let me briefly tell you how Coco’s went down and… Read More »

35 weeks!

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Storybook Baby Shower!

Oh this is fun! There’s always all these adorable shower ideas out there floating around on the internet and we all look at them with longing admiration. Well, guess what? I HAD one of those showers! Yep—totally adorable, wonderful theme put together by a very dear old friend, Stephanie Smith. My sissy in law, Candace,… Read More »

How To Dress A Baby Boy

I am almost 24 weeks pregnant and I am definitely feeling it! My little boy is so active that there are times I feel that either there’s two babies in there or he somehow came with a pogo stick. Seriously. Up, down, BOINGGGG, scratch scratch, KICK, nudge, roll, handstand, TADA! I feel like he’s this… Read More »