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Lets Just All Not Wash Our Hair

I’m running out of shampoo. It sucks. I use expensive shampoo. It’s called “Enjoy” and when I have it, I do enjoy it. It costs about $25 for a 15 oz bottle. I don’t want to do the math–I know its pricey. But the nice thing is, its sulfate-free, and you only need to use… Read More »

Thrifty Thursday: Adventures in Craigslist

So lately we’ve been broke. Yep. The summer months are tight with my job ending in April….Especially tight when a long-awaited check gets lost in the mail. Grrrr. But thats ok. Wanna know why? Well, turns out I’m a shrewd businesswoman. Or a shrewd packrat, actually. I’ve become addicted to the thrill of Craigslist. Move… Read More »