Why Everyone Should Wear A Maxi Dress

By | August 9, 2012
Why Everyone Should Wear A Maxi Dress

For all my opinions on undershirts and crop tops I’m not a fashion blogger. Frankly, I don’t really like the style right now, but since I pretty much buy everything second-hand I’m forced to go with the flow. Yes, I’m probably one or two seasons behind everyone but as long as I don’t look like I’m wearing a burrito or an excessive amount of leopard I’m ok with it.

 I usually spend about $0-10 on an outfit. I’m gonna let that sink in for a sec.


Yes, I said $0. We have free piles in our multiple laundry rooms on campus. We all clean out our closets frequently (since we live in sardine cans) and there is absolutely no shame in taking the free booty. In fact, there is a certain pride in the claim, “I got it in the laundry room.”

It’s like hunting; we’re proud of our kill, or in this case, road kill. So now you know that I dumpster dive, and I hamper dive. Tee hee. Hamper dive. I cannot even tell you how many outfits I’ve scored for my family, extended family, and friends in the laundry rooms. I will be so sad when I don’t have this treasure trove right outside my door.

Here’s a sample of my laundry room wardrobe:

Why Everyone Should Wear A Maxi Dress
This is an outfit I scored from the laundry room. Don’t let my wanna-be-model face fool you: this outfit is COMFY! Well, not the shoes. Those belong to my sis-in-law and I don’t know how she wears them for more than four minutes.

As we were in LA the last couple of weeks I didn’t have my weekly fix of hamper diving (can you all just make that a thing now?). I was forced – literally, my arm was twisted to go the Santa Monica Goodwill. It was just so awful I had to go there three times. And it was so bad that I spent $20-30 each time. Sheesh. What a drag.

I’m gonna miss that Goodwill. I like to think of it as getting hand-me-downs from Anne Hathaway and Ginnifer Goodwin. Who knows? There was certainly an abundance of designer goods in there. Holy smokes! If I had had more money I would have been able to redo my entire wardrobe. THAT’S the kind of wealth they had going on in there.

Lest I be greedy, let me get back to the point. The point is, I found a golden nugget. And that is a word I despise, but I think it elucidates why I’m even writing this post in the first place. For a nugget.

This golden ticket, I mean nugget was the maxi dress. I have wanted one for quite some time. I’ll admit, when it first came out a few years ago I thought it was just a bad idea. I was certain that I, at least, WOULD look like a burrito. You know, all lumpy and folded at the bottom (because I don’t really DO heals. So where would all that extra fabric go?)

It’s taken me a long time to work up the nerve to buy one, and I suppose I made the leap because it was $7 and felt as if I was wearing a nightgown. I simply LOVE this dress! Did I mention it’s like a nightgown? A nightgown made out of cool clouds and silk, but cotton all the same. It’s the dress for world peace.

Guys, I figured it out. If everyone just wore a maxi dress (guys included) we would all be so much happier and free. Something about wearing that dress makes me want to walk on a moonlit beach or take a picnic in the arboretum or dance with my hubby while we put away dishes. I guess I feel charming and uber comfortable AND I feel like a lady. I don’t get to feel like a lady very often. But this dress makes me remember I’m not only the wife and mom, but a lady, and an individual at that. A lady frolicking around in a butterfly cape.

Yes! You must go get one.

Why Everyone Should Wear A Maxi Dress
Look at how uncomfortable Coco looks in this picture. I felt awkward standing there by myself so I had her pose next to me. I think she could sense the awkwardness of the situation. Thanks for saving me here, sweetie. Way to make Mom look like an even bigger nerd.
Why Everyone Should Wear A Maxi Dress
The shadow in this one is way more interesting than the actual photo. I”d love to hear your interpretations of the shadow. I think it makes me look like I have the world’s worst boobs.

So yah, I don’t have the really pretty put-together photos that you ‘ll see on fashion blogs. We’re making do with the good old iPhone. Do you have a maxi dress?  Do you love it? What is the best item you’ve ever found at a thrift store?

Why Everyone Should Wear A Maxi Dress
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24 thoughts on “Why Everyone Should Wear A Maxi Dress

  1. hilljean

    My daughters have been looking for maxis. One is too short, the other too tall. I hadn’t figured out the appeal, but I bet they are comfy as a well loved nightgown, aren’t they?

  2. Let's Talk About Mom Jeans | Because my life is fascinatingBecause my life is fascinating

    […] colors, and all the edgy funk of the ’80s. I’m more than happy to see the return of the maxi dress. I’ve lamented such things as crop tops and short shorts, but I think what we’re seeing […]

  3. Wombat Central

    Love the dress and bosom-on-belly shadow. Hilarious!

  4. hilljean

    Heather, I SO want a black one. I would wear it on days I feel fat and gross to cover everything up ???? I haven’t worn it with a denim jacket yet since it’s so dang hot right now, but that’s a look I’ll go for this fall! Hugs to you, too! Thanks for reading ???? Love ya!

  5. hilljean

    Ok, I know you commented like five days ago so sorry for being so late in responding–but you know what? I bet you could sew a faux hem to make them longer. You know, like a really pretty panel of lace. Also, you can totally get them hemmed as well. But I am always deterred by that extra step when shopping. I do have to get most of my pants hemmed because I have a hard time wearing heels.

  6. hilljean

    Sweet! I’m gonna come take a looksie ???? And don’t you just feel prettier in it too?

  7. hilljean

    Too long, eh? At 6’1… maxi dresses aren’t even an option because they’re too short. >_

  8. hilljean

    Haha! I wrote about maxi dresses too! They are wonderful and I am much happier at work when I am comfy. Stopping by from Mamakat’s place.

  9. hilljean

    Maxidress = My summer evening uniform. For realz. I don’t believe that people “can’t” wear them. I get that comment a lot from girlfriends: “Oh, I could NEVER get away with that. I’m too **insert negative adjective here** ” To which I say: Just put the frackin thing ON. And looky. You’ve gotten away with it.

  10. hilljean

    My laundry room is really the love of my life. Other than coffee. And chocolate.

  11. hilljean

    My only problem is finding ones that aren’t too long. Although, I guess I could just hem it up, huh? They look great with heels but for me that takes the comfort appeal out of them. Sigh. There’s always the fine print ????

  12. Mandi

    That one with the shadow looks like ET…. Lol…. Love my maxi dresses! Love your blog!

  13. hilljean

    I’ve heard from many people that they supposedly can’t wear them too. And I was actually one of those people because I really did think I would look like a sausage. But, the things are so dang comfy and you don’t have to look like a goddess in everything. Just wear them! They are so wonderful!

  14. hilljean

    I didn’t think anyone could convince me to want a maxi dress, not even my sis-in-law who wore one last week and looked adorable. But your description (it makes you want to dance with your hubby while you put away dishes!!!) has me hooked. Actually we already do dance while we put away dishes, but I can see how the maxi dress would make it seem more romantic.

  15. hilljean

    I love maxi dresses. They’re so comfortable and look great with sandals. A little femininity with a ton of comfort. Perfect combo. ????

  16. hilljean

    Hill-i have a one in black that i LOVE and probably have wore as much as my gym gear ???? pair a denim jacket w/ your maxi and its great year round!! I would so be’ a hamper diver if given the opportunity. Hugs

  17. hilljean

    Seriously! It’s so comfortable and sexy feeling. You know how usually a killer dress is also extremely miserable to wear? This isn’t like that! You could sleep in the thing AND you look like a diva.

  18. hilljean

    Hahaha I love this! I am also a lover of free things – it’s hard for me to pass up anything free so I’m a little jealous of your laundry room pile!

  19. hilljean

    You probably know this, but maxi dresses were popular in the 70’s and I had one that I loved too. They do look cool and comfortable and feminine – all at the same time! AND – I have benefited from your hamper-diving and appreciate it mucho. The second hand stores we have around here get their merchandise mainly from little old ladies getting rid of stuff – you’re stuff is much cooler:)


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