Lets Just All Not Wash Our Hair

By | June 17, 2010
Lets Just All Not Wash Our Hair

I’m running out of shampoo. It sucks. I use expensive shampoo. It’s called “Enjoy” and when I have it, I do enjoy it. It costs about $25 for a 15 oz bottle. I don’t want to do the math–I know its pricey. But the nice thing is, its sulfate-free, and you only need to use a little bit. Actually, a 15 oz bottle will last me four months.

Lets Just All Not Wash Our Hair

This is what it looks like. I love it. And it makes my hair color last WAY longer than any other kind I’ve tried…I’m justifying, you see.

Anyways, I’m running out. And I don’t have $25 to spend on shampoo right now. I probably have about $2 to spend on shampoo. What to do? I’ve decided I’m just not going to wash my hair. Yep. I’m going to let accrue a nice greasy shine, and then I’m gonna whip it up in a tight bun and wear a hat. Yuck. No I’m not, don’t worry.
But wait—have you yet heard of the ‘water-only-washing’ movement that is sweeping the blogosphere? Thats right. There are people in our midst who don’t wash their hair—at all. I mean, they say they wash it with water only, but I can’t wrap my mind around the concept of this actually working. But it does, apparently. Suite101 gives the “how to” directions, or I guess I would call it “how not to.”
Are you curious? Basically, the low-down is you stop washing your hair. Well, they would say that you are washing it as long as its under cold and hot water, used intermittently of course. They give instructions to “scritch (I’ve never heard of this word before) at the scalp to remove any particles.” Sick. They warn that there will be a six-week transition period as your “sebum” (aka hair grease) learns to calm down. They advise you wear your hair in braids or a bandana–for the sake of others. hmmmm.
So let me do the math now: I spend about $75 a year on shampoo, thats not including conditioner or the Texas sized amount of hair spray I require. So if I stopped washing my hair, I could save $75+ a year. I have a feeling that the “no-pooers” (thats what they call themselves) would also be against hairspray. I mean, surely it interferes with your sebum. I hate that word. Sebum.
Nope! Not gonna do it. I don’t care if $75 is going down the drain. I will continue to wash my hair. I may need to switch to Suave in the next few weeks, but wash it I will!
And now for the inspiration of this blog: Coco wanted to wear my shower cap. See, I don’t wash my hair everyday ????

Lets Just All Not Wash Our Hair
She looks like little miss moffet.

Lets Just All Not Wash Our Hair
Doing the bunny face.
That is all! Happy thrifty thursday, everyone. Chew on that sebum for some thought!

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  1. Rissa

    I laughed hard when you said “I mean, surely it interferes with your sebum. I hate that word. Sebum.”


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