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Be Your Best Your

  What is your knee-jerk reaction to a compliment? Do you respond with a polite thank you? Or do you act as if someone has just said something shocking and vile? I know people who would rather eat their own vomit than accept a compliment. They simply cannot fathom the praise, and immediately come up… Read More »

Anne Hathaway and the Golden Globes

Who caught the Golden Globes last night? I have to admit, I’m a bit of a sucker for the hoopla that is a Hollywood award ceremony. The dresses, the hype, the dresses, the trophies, the dresses, the speeches, did I already say dresses? It’s just such a spectacle! While I had a good time oohing… Read More »

Ready For New Years!

It’s over. I cannot believe it’s over. The happiest season of all is done and the New Year is peaking out over the horizon. My bloated Christmas gut is ready for that new year. Oh my. The plans I have! I am through with pinning Monkey Bread and Buckeyes and Peppermint Bark.