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Colored Pants Trend

“I could never wear that.” “Well, you can get away with it, but I could never.” “I can only wear this ___________style. Anything else would look too weird on me.” “I’m too fat to wear _____________.” Have you ever found yourself saying any of the above phrases? Of course you have. Me too. As women,… Read More »

Be Your Best Your

  What is your knee-jerk reaction to a compliment? Do you respond with a polite thank you? Or do you act as if someone has just said something shocking and vile? I know people who would rather eat their own vomit than accept a compliment. They simply cannot fathom the praise, and immediately come up… Read More »


It’s not uncommon to hear people whine about “getting older.” Chances are you rarely hear anything positive attached to that phrase, so allow me to rock your world with something I came up with all by myself: One of the greatest privileges of aging is the acquisition of perspective. Boom. Didn’t that sound like, totally… Read More »