Ready For New Years!

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It’s over. I cannot believe it’s over. The happiest season of all is done and the New Year is peaking out over the horizon.

My bloated Christmas gut is ready for that new year.

Oh my. The plans I have! I am through with pinning Monkey Bread and Buckeyes and Peppermint Bark.

Time to bump up the “Clean Eating” category. And try to convince myself to actually try some of those annoying “perfect legs” or “flat stomach” or “sculpted arms” pins complete with the Victoria’s Secret model and cheesy quote. Because the chafing from the button on my jeans isn’t annoying enough.

Oh, and it’s time to bust out the “Organizing My Tiny Place”  board I’ve created. Cause guess what? We are going home with more STUFF! And as far as I know, our apartment hasn’t had quite the same growth spurt as my gut.

I should clarify: the gut has nothing to do with my Grown Up Christmas Wish. Alas. ‘Tis not to be…yet.

But back to my apartment. Guys, I am worried about where our Christmas loot will go. Out with the old and in with the new. It’s the only way. 632 square feet of an apartment will not allow for both. Something has got to go. So when I go home, I’ll be purging the place for the eighty-fourth time since moving in two years ago.

When we first moved into our shoe box I did a pretty good job keeping folks in the loop. I had big ol’ blogs about scavenging old tables from dumpsters, and finally organizing my spices with nifty Ikea shelves. {I found out after the fact that Ikea spice racks are SUPPOSED to be used for DIY children’s book shelves. Whoops. Thanks again, Pinterest.}

Anywho, one of my bloggy goals for the new year is to show you how the heck we make our apartment work. I hope that I, too, will discover out how the heck to make my apartment work. It’s a two-fold goal, you see.

Fear not, I shant bore you with my diet. Been there, tried to do that. I just had to whine a tad and rationalize this week of Diet Eves I have planned. I figure we might as well go out with a bang. Or a pop. The pop of my button shooting off my jeans…

8 thoughts on “Ready For New Years!

  1. Kat

    632 square feet?? Oh lawwwwd have mercy that’s a cozy space! I’m looking forward to those posts and I will join you in the fresh start this new year. I’m relieved to be done with Christmas and am SO ready for some positive changes!

    1. hillary

      Yes. Lord have mercy on us all. I’m pretty sure it gets smaller every month for some reason. I can’t be sure, but I believe the walls are closing in on us.

  2. Chris Carter

    Oh my… I cannot IMAGINE living in that small of space!!! WOW. God bless you for managing that!!! Looking forward to more wonderful posts from you in the new year!!!

    1. hillary

      I cannot claim for always managing it well. There have been several temper tantrums when I just get so fed up with it. Especially after coming home from staying with family. It makes our space seem so much smaller! I’m gonna try and enjoy the challenge more this year.

  3. nicolette @ the classroom creative

    Hmmm, I’m thinking small space series? I have 5 organizing posts planned already…

  4. Sweet Relish Giveaway

    […] since I want to be more proactive about making my 632 square foot apartment purty, I made a list for home goods. Top of the list is of course the Buddha Belly Butter […]

  5. Adrienne

    I want to see some of those small space posts for sure! 632 feet is like working a miracle! I am also ready to say GOOD BYE to Christmas! I’m SO over it!

    1. hillary

      K. I’ve totes got some ideas a’whilrling around in my brain. The only drawback is I need to have a day where everything is super CLEAN in order to “showcase” my small space. Oy vey.


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